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​What is the fixing agent used for?

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Fixing agent is one of the important textile auxiliaries in the printing and dyeing industry, which can improve the color fastness of dyes in fabrics. On fabrics, it can form insoluble colored substances with dyes, thereby improving the wash color, sweat resistance, and sometimes the light fastness. It is a very useful industrial production product.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of fixing agent:

(1) Useful tool – what is fixing agent?

(2) What is fixing agent used for?

(3) Environmental information of fixing agent


(1) Useful tool – what is fixing agent?

Fixing agent is mainly used for direct, acid-soluble dye printing or various dyed fabrics. After the fixing agent is treated, it can improve soap washing, washing, perspiration, water immersion, and rubbing fastness. It can also be used for silk and wool. Fixation of cotton fabric and other fibers. In addition, reasonable use also makes manufacturing and dyeing work simple and smooth.

 fixing agent

(2) What is fixing agent used for?

People in the printing and dyeing industry know that after the fabric is treated with a fixing agent, a fixing agent remover is usually used to remove the fixing agent remaining on the surface of the fabric. This is because if we do not remove the fixing agent before changing the color, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the fabric, which will cause uneven dye adsorption and cause stains.

The fixing agent remover can not only remove the residual fixing agent, but also increase the uniformity of the color. When direct dyes, acid dyes, and reactive dyes are used for dyeing, it is often necessary to repair the color after fixation due to the presence of fixing agents that cause uneven dyeing. Fixing agent remover is a good product to solve this problem.

The fixing agent remover is an anionic and soluble russet liquid. The process is very convenient and can be processed at a temperature of about 85 degrees. The storage time at room temperature is 12 months.

A good fixing agent is essential for the repair of dyed knitted fabrics. With strict requirements on dyeing quality, the repair of stains is inevitable, especially the solidification of dark solid colors, which is also a difficult problem in testing the effect of fixing agents. The color registration and coloring of light-colored or polarized fabrics must eliminate the interference of the fixing agent, because the addition of color to the fixing agent is very easy to cause lubricity and uneven color. It must be processed after removing the fixer. (Obviously, due to peeling and oxygen bleaching, the fixer is easily removed evenly.)


(3) Environmental information of fixing agent

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, dyeing and finishing technology has also been significantly improved. Due to the expansion of international textile trade and the improvement of people's living standards and environmental protection awareness, the requirements for comfort, cleanliness and safety of textiles are getting higher and higher. Since the 1970s, Germany has initiated the "Blue Angel" program for the first time, and developed countries in the world (Japan, the United States, etc.) have passed and implemented relevant laws, regulations and rules related to textile indicators. Green textiles require the use of carcinogenic, teratogenic, and poorly biodegradable aromatic amine intermediates that are prohibited by certain laws and regulations in the printing and dyeing process. At the same time, it is necessary to use additives that do not contain heavy metal ions and do not produce free formaldehyde, which means the use of "green additives".


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