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Customized product development

Individual tasks require customized solutions. We are very pleased to receive customer’s push for new, innovative programs and applications. In this way, we can work with you to develop textile chemicals according to your needs. Of course, the products developed in such a joint venture will only be used by your company.


Under the premise of protecting the confidentiality agreement, we will discuss with you the process steps or procedures you want to implement or improve. We will also discuss the new textile features or effects you want to achieve. We will then recommend possible chemical alternatives and determine the pros and cons of each change. After working with you to achieve the specific objectives of the target, we will prepare customized samples in our laboratory and provide them to your factory or our facilities for testing. After preliminary testing, we will adjust the formulation and procedures until the required results are obtained for industrial scale trials.


The production base of Jervey group is located in Dongguan, Qingyuan, Guangzhou and Yunfu.

The factory has passed ISO and GMP certification. In order to ensure the quality of products, many quality inspection reports have been obtained. We actively listen to customer’s needs, gradually optimize products, and sincerely provide satisfactory service.


Reliable Laboratory Service

Our team of highly qualified laboratory chemists, textile and chemical- technical assistants, engineers, and chemists in the laboratory service department work quickly to deliver reliable results. We do our very best to respond immediately to laboratory inquiries regarding textile chemicals and processes, and deliver practical solutions. Furthermore, we are able to prepare field trials in our laboratory and evaluate obtained results.


  • Technical Application and Analytical Laboratories

    In our technical application laboratory we are able to simulate and reproduce textile-chemical processes on a pilot scale. In doing so, we include all fields of textile chemistry, such as Pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, yarn lubrication, printing, coating, finishing as well as garment washing and finishing. Our excellent technical equipment enables us to test and optimize products and procedures as well as to evaluate and control the physical properties of textiles. In our analytical laboratory, we can run chemical and instrumental analyses and offer analytical support for textile chemical issues.

    Technical Application and Analytical Laboratories
  • Highest Quality Requirements in Textile Business
    The demands for the quality of the textiles are increasing steadily. The textile business sector determines strict regulations for fastnesses and limits the use of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde. These regulations are far beyond the minimum standards which are required. We conduct many of our technical textile and chemical tests in accordance with international standards, such as DIN and ISO. For many different tasks, we have developed special internal testing methods. In order to provide comprehensive services to our customers, we work closely with renowned textile research institutes such as DITF Denkendorf and DTNW Krefeld.
    Highest Quality Requirements in Textile Business

Tests Which We Can Carry Out for You

The following list will give you an insight of which tests and analyses we can carry out for our customers in our laboratories according to different standards:

  • ceshi-copy

    Textile technological and mechanical tests

     Bursting pressure
     Slip properties of yarns: friction coefficient, stick/slip
     Sew-ability of textiles: measurement of needle penetration force
     Heat protection for sewing yarns: needle temperature measurement
     Pilling test
     Tensile strength
     Abrasion resistance
     Tear resistance
  • ceshi-copy

    Textile chemical and analytical examinations

     Quantitative and qualitative determination of solid add-on
     Formaldehyde content
    ​​​​​​​ Determination of oligomers
    ​​​​​​​ pH value of aqueous extract
    ​​​​​​​ Determination of sizing agents
  • ceshi-copy

    Functional tests 
     Antistatic properties
     Burning test
     Oil repellency
     Water repellency (spray test)
     Water column
  • ceshi

    Further textile tests 
    •  Tests of fastnesses

    •    · Rubbing fastness
    •    · Fastness to perspiration
    •    · Fastness to washing
    •    · ​​​​​​​Fastness to water
    •  Microscopy
    •  Phenolic storage yellowing
    •  Absorbing capacity, wettability
    •  Degree of whiteness

Technical Guidance

  • 1

    Technical answers

    With many years of practical experience, our technicians and engineers understand the technical challenges and tasks in this field and are ready to provide quick support and advice. In our labs, we can simulate customers specific processes and production processes and develop solutions for their respective business needs.

    Our experts also provide the following services:

     Develop and simplify technical procedures

    ​​​​​​​ Application technology supporting optimization

    ​​​​​​​ Troubleshooting, problem analysis and providing Solution

  • 2

    Process optimization

    The ecological requirements and economic challenges of the manufacturing process in the textile supply chain are steadily increasing. In almost every company, a large number of process and formulation optimization potential can be found. By optimizing, you can protect valuable resources, such as water and energy, as well as the costs involved. However, you can also improve productivity by reducing machine utilization.

    Current procedures in textile finishing plants often have the potential to improve quality, ensure repeatability and improve process safety with little effort.

  • 3

    Improved formulation and production schedule

    If customers want to improve their textile manufacturing process, first of all, our application technicians and engineers will analyze the current status of the production process with the customer's experts. Subsequently, our textile finishing experts will study the optimization potential of various processes.

    Sometimes, you can safely complete the entire process steps of the production process (such as time and cost intensive drying processes), or you can reduce the drying and condensation temperatures. In general, you can improve the formulation by minimizing the liquid ratio or the amount of chemicals and additives used without reducing quality. Generally, the COD and BOD values in waste-water will be reduced by reducing the product consumption.

Distribution Service

We have aggressive growth strategy, looking for excellent agents all over the world.

Jervay is a leading fine chemical solutions provider, providing textile auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, industrial cleaning agents, daily chemical raw materials and other chemicals for textile, metal cleaning, daily chemical products and other industries. We have four production bases with large daily output to meet the supply demand.

Our company has established a wide range of technical knowledge in the field of fine chemical industry, providing laboratory services, developing products and solving product problems. This makes us unique in the market and contributes to our stable growth.

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