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Acrylamide Thickening Agent for Fabric Softener JV-330

Model: JV-330
Appearance: translucent yellowish emulsion
Ionic: cation
Emulsion viscosity (mPa. S): 500~3000
  • JV-330



Product introduction

Jv-330 is a cationic acrylamide Thickener Used in acidic environment.

It is a semitransparent emulsion consisting of water in oil, especially suitable for clothing softeners. It can be thickened efficiently in products containing amino and silicon copper, and it is easy to disperse. It can be added in any step of the production of softener.

Technical index

Appearance: translucent yellowish emulsion

Ionic properties: cation

Charge density: very high

Smell: very light

Solid content (150 ℃,%): 43 ± two

PH value (2% aqueous solution): 5.0 ± one

Emulsion viscosity (mPa. S): 500~3000

Viscosity of 2% aqueous solution (MPA · s): 1500 ~ 4000

Residual acrylamide (mg / kg): ≤ 100




Product features

Jv-330 can be dispersed in cold water, easy to use, no neutralization, no pre dispersion, easy to operate

JV-330 can prevent the problem of gelation of dialkyl quaternary ammonium salt, which can greatly enhance the hydrolytic stability of quaternary ammonium esters.

Jv-330 can also effectively thicken in the system containing silicone oil and maintain the lasting stability of the formula.

Jv-330 has good compatibility with any cation and surfactant.


How to use it

Recommended dosage: 0.2% ~ 2%, pH application range: 2-7, the specific use method and dosage can be adjusted according to the product system.


Packaging, storage and precautions

The storage temperature is 10 ~ 30 ℃. The storage period is 12 months. The packing should be sealed. Once the container is opened, it is recommended that it be used up in a short period of time. The package is 60kg / barrel or according to customer's requirement.

*Light and high temperature may affect the stability of the product and prevent solvent evaporation from causing surface crusting. The stability of emulsion will also be negatively affected under extreme conditions.

*The product performance and application method described in this description are only for reference. For new products, strict feasibility test must be carried out in order to achieve the best use effect.

1.Do you provide free sample?

Yes,we could provide free sample,but the delivery cost will be on your side.


2. What’s the payment terms?

L/C or T/T will all be acceptable.


3. How’s the product delivery lead time?

Generally,ETD in 2 to 3 weeks if the product in stock. Others will be based on production schedule.


4. Do you provide customized product or new product developments?

Yes.we have research and development team to provide customized product developments.


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