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Fluorine-free Water Repellent for Cellulose Fiber DN-7966

Appearance:white to cream yellow
Ionic: cation
PH: 3.5-5.5
  • DN-7966



1、 Product introduction

The fluorine free waterproofing agent DN-7966 is a complex emulsion of high molecular polymer, which contains no fluorine, and is suitable for waterproof finishing of various fiber type fabrics.

It can give the finished fabric excellent waterproof performance.


2、 Technical index

Appearance: white to cream yellow.

Ionic: cation

PH: 3.5 ~ 5.5 (1% deionized water solution)

Solubility: can disperse in water in any proportion


3、 Scope of application

Waterproof finishing of various fiber fabrics.


4、 Product features

1. It can make the fabric obtain excellent waterproof effect.

2. It has little influence on the shade, whiteness and color fastness of finished products.

3. Range of diluted concentration and stability of diluted product: diluted at any concentration, stable.


5、 How to use it

[used for polyester, nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics]

Waterproofing agent dn-7966: 20 ~ 80 g / L

Dip rolling → drying → setting (170 ~ 180 ℃)


[for cotton and its blends]

Waterproof agent dn-7966: 40 ~ 120 g / L

Crosslinking agent: 10 ~ 30 g / L

Dip rolling → drying → setting (160 ~ 170 ℃).


6、 Packaging, storage and precautions

120 kg plastic bucket. It is suggested that the storage temperature should be 5 - 40 ℃ and the storage period should be 12 months.

In order to ensure that the waterproof effect is not affected, the fabric before finishing needs to fully remove the impurities and surfactants.

In order to obtain durable waterproof effect, it is necessary to add matching crosslinking agent.

The product floats slightly after long-time storage, and can be used normally after mixing, without affecting the application effect.


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