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Fixing Agent

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Due to the advantages of simple coloring, comprehensive chromatography, and low cost of pigments, direct dyes and reactive dyes have become the preferred materials for fabric dyeing. However, these dyes are generally prone to decolorization, so the fabric after dyeing needs to undergo fixation treat



Denim fixing agent and textile auxiliaries
Denim clothing is a common piece of clothing in our daily life. It is very popular because it is durable, washable and durable. However, many people often face fading and shrinking problems when cleaning denim clothing. These problems will not only affect the appearance of the clothing, but m



​What are the benefits of fixing agents?
What is a fixing agent?Color agent or fixing agent is one of the important additives in the printing and dyeing industry. It can improve the color fastness of dyes on fabrics. A fixing agent can form insoluble colored substances with dyes on the fabric to improve the washing and perspiration fastnes



How to make dye fixing agent?
Precautions for using wet rubbing fastness improverDyeing fastness (abbreviated as color fastness) means that the dyed fabric is subjected to external factors (extrusion, friction, washing, rain, exposure, light, sea water immersion, saliva immersion, water stains, sweat stains, etc.) during use or



​What is the main function of the fixing agent?
What is the main function of the fixing agent?The dyes used in the textile industry have different drawbacks. For example, reactive dyes lack darker color types and are prone to hydrolysis. This will result in light-colored dyeing and is not resistant to chlorine bleaching. After dyeing, it will fad
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