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Personal Cleaning---Hand Sanitizer

The Kleanway brand has developed two products in personal protection: HAND SANITIZER and HAND SNAITIZER SPRAY.
The main ingredient of HAND SANITIZER is 75% alcohol, which is gelatinous and can kill 99.99% of bacteria. This is an instant hand sanitizer that is easy to use and does not require clean water to rinse. It can be used for hand disinfection before and after meals, and hand disinfection after touching keyboards, door handles, elevator buttons, etc. The size of the product is complete. The small package can be placed in the pocket for easy cleaning at any time. Large packages can be placed in various public places for everyone to use.
HAND SNAITIZER SPRAY is also composed of 75% alcohol, in liquid form, and can be used in a wider range. It can be sprayed on the surface of clothing, household appliances, keys, mobile phones and other objects for disinfection. It evaporates quickly and has good antibacterial effect.

The Main Ingredients Of Hand Sanitizer

The main ingredients of the product are 75% alcohol, glycerin, thickener, and purified water.TTT
Alcohol molecules have strong penetrating power and can pass through the membrane on the surface of the bacteria and enter the inside of the bacteria, coagulate the proteins that constitute the basis of the bacteria's life, and kill the bacteria. However, the use of alcohol varies depending on the concentration of alcohol.
70%-75% alcohol is used for disinfection. This is because too high a concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria, preventing it from entering the bacteria body, and it is difficult to completely kill the bacteria. If the alcohol concentration is too low, bacteria can enter, but the protein in the body cannot be coagulated, and the bacteria cannot be completely killed.

Quality Control---Test Report Hand Sanitizer

Jervay industry is concerned about health and safety, so it founded kleanway brand. Our production bases are located in Dongguan, Qingyuan, Guangzhou and Yunfu.
The factory has obtained GMP and ISO certification standards, covering 50000 square meters, with more than 100 production lines. Behind the production of each kleanway product, complete microbial detection equipment and standardized quality control process are adopted to control the quality of each product.

Core Advantage

Jervay enterprises focus on daily chemical cleaning, and care about health completely, thus creating the kleanway brand. Is a research and development based factory, set high-quality production, OEM / ODM processing, international trade as one


The company has a high-quality R &D and production team, engaged in the chemical industry for more than 30 years


Our alcohol hand sanitizer can effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria in 15 seconds

Wide Application

According to different use scenarios and needs, we have made a variety of packaging specifications for consumers to choose


We try our best to provide consumers with high quality products. 
    we can provide OEM/ODM and support customized services, We actively listen to customers needs, gradually optimize products, and sincerely provide satisfactory service.
  • Laboratory Services
    We try our best to reply to the inquiry of the laboratory about the product process immediately and provide practical solutions. In addition, we were able to prepare field trials in our laboratory and evaluate the results obtained.
  • Supply Chain
    Our company integrates the upstream and downstream products and has a complete supply chain service. Can solve customer's trouble in the shortest time, find the best solution.
  • Distribution Service
    Jervay is a leading fine chemical solutions provider, providing textile auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, industrial cleaning agents, daily chemical raw materials and other chemicals for textile, metal cleaning, daily chemical products and other industries.


Download List

In order to ensure product safety, we have passed the en 1276 certification of SGS, so that consumers can use it safely.
Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
Air transport identification.pdf 4.72MB 325 2021-03-23 Download
Alcohol spray MSDS.pdf 4.16MB 390 2021-03-23 Download
Cargo risk assessment.pdf 1.51MB 390 2021-03-23 Download
Classification and identification report of hazard characteristics.pdf 1.00MB 324 2021-03-23 Download
EN1276.pdf 2.46MB 373 2021-03-23 Download
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