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What thickeners can be used in acidic conditions?In many cosmetic products, it is necessary to make paste or fluidity gel to facilitate the adhesion of the ingredients to the target, such as Dish Washing and laundry detergent.At present, thickeners are mostly chemical synthetic polymer materials or



What is the function of laundry detergent thickener? Do thickeners have side effects in laundry detergent?

Laundry detergent thickener is a kind of non-cloud point, light yellow or amber viscous liquid, easily soluble in water, and is a non-ionic surfactant. When the anionic surfactant is acidic, it can be thickened with it The function is very obvious, and it can be used in combination with different su



The importance of surfactants in daily life

When it comes to cleaning products, we have to talk about surfactants. Soap is actually a kind of surfactant, and it is also the first surfactant that humans come into contact with. As a qualified ingredient party, surfactants have to be clarified.Surfactant is the main active ingredient of cleaning



How many grades of color fastness to light should be considered a standard?

With the continuous increase of export business, the various indicators of the product must meet the international requirements, and the light fastness has become the most difficult indicator among the various indicators. Especially for products exported to Japan and the European Union, many light f



Working principle of Thickening agent

It is a hydrophilic polymer compound that can increase the viscosity of the liquid and maintain the relative stability of the system after the thickener is dissolved or dispersed in water. The molecular structure contains many hydrophilic groups, such as - Oh, - NH2, - COOH, - COO -, which can hydra

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