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What thickeners can be used in acidic conditions?In many cosmetic products, it is necessary to make paste or fluidity gel to facilitate the adhesion of the ingredients to the target, such as Dish Washing and laundry detergent.At present, thickeners are mostly chemical synthetic polymer materials or



The function and usage techniques of thickeners used as fabric softeners
Thickener is a special additive widely used in various fields such as detergents, hair conditioners, softeners, cosmetics, etc. It can effectively improve the viscosity and adhesion of the product, while also improving the stability and rheological properties of the product. Today, we will provide a



Deepening and Brightening Agent: Improving the Dyeing Effect and Visual Attraction of Fabric
In the field of textile printing and dyeing, deepening and brightening agents are crucial chemical additives mainly used to improve the dyeing effect and visual appeal of fabrics. We will discuss the role of deepening and brightening agents, the relationship between fabric types, and what fabrics re



Formaldehyde free fixing agent - the preferred product for fabric dyeing
Due to the advantages of simple coloring, comprehensive chromatography, and low cost of pigments, direct dyes and reactive dyes have become the preferred materials for fabric dyeing. However, these dyes are generally prone to decolorization, so the fabric after dyeing needs to undergo fixation treat



Denim fixing agent and textile auxiliaries
Denim clothing is a common piece of clothing in our daily life. It is very popular because it is durable, washable and durable. However, many people often face fading and shrinking problems when cleaning denim clothing. These problems will not only affect the appearance of the clothing, but m
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