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Rooted in the chemical industries for more than 20 years of experience with strong R&D and a strong reputation management team. Jervay group is one of the leading chemical manufacturers of textile auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, industrial cleaning agents, daily chemical raw materials and the industry.

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Dongguan Jervay Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Jervay Group, mainly engaged in producing textile auxiliaries, printing aids, washing products, chemical raw materials, disinfectants, daily chemicals and other products.

Our Factories

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 Is a R & D-based factory


 High-quality production, OEM / ODM processing, international trade, and so on.


 Production plants are located in Dongguan, Qingyuan, Guangzhou and Yunfu.




Our Strengths

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 Rooted in the chemical industry for more than 30 years with a strong R&D team.


 Complete certifications, test reports, and inspection reports to ensure quality. Smooth, and tension-free export history


 Strong and reputable management team


 Manufacturer with price advantage

Our Market

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 We frequently export to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.


 We are registered in the United States and Europe.


  We are in a number of B2B, B2C website opened mall.



OEM / ODM customization
OEM / ODM customization

  Professional OEM / ODM factory

  Daily chemical products support a series of customization from fragrance, color, formula, etc

  Textile auxiliaries products according to your textiles to customize the best solution products

Factory advantages
Factory advantages

  Four production bases, located in Guangdong, export convenient

  ISO, GMP certification complete, Tension free and smooth export history.

Laboratory services
Laboratory services

  Sample testing service

  Professional board technician

  Provide test report

Technical guidance
Technical guidance

  Optimization of product formula

  Answers to process problems

  After sale service


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Rooted in the chemical industry for more than 30 years with a strong R&D team.

Strong and reputable management team.

What thickeners can be used in acidic conditions?

What thickeners can be used in acidic conditions?In many cosmetic products, it is necessary to make paste or fluidity gel to facilitate the adhesion of the ingredients to the target, such as Dish Washing and laundry detergent.At present, thickeners are mostly chemical synthetic polymer materials or

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Formaldehyde free fixing agent - the preferred product for fabric dyeing

Due to the advantages of simple coloring, comprehensive chromatography, and low cost of pigments, direct dyes and reactive dyes have become the preferred materials for fabric dyeing. However, these dyes are generally prone to decolorization, so the fabric after dyeing needs to undergo fixation treat

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Denim fixing agent and textile auxiliaries

Denim clothing is a common piece of clothing in our daily life. It is very popular because it is durable, washable and durable. However, many people often face fading and shrinking problems when cleaning denim clothing. These problems will not only affect the appearance of the clothing, but m

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Which is better between laundry detergent and washing powder? Some people say that laundry detergent is better because it dissolves faster in water and does not harm the skin, which can achieve the effect of protecting the skin; Some people also believe that laundry detergent is better because it ha


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