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What is the role of daily chemical thickeners in life?

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When it comes to thickeners for daily chemical products, you may feel unfamiliar, but you are all too familiar with daily chemical products such as shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, and cosmetics. But do you know that these daily chemical products are inseparable from one thing-daily chemical product thickener.


Thickeners for daily chemicals include various categories, such as detergent thickeners, laundry detergent thickeners, cosmetic thickeners, etc. These thickeners for daily chemicals play a vital role in the production of daily chemicals character of. Why do you say that? Let me give you a simple example. Without it, the shampoo and shower gel you usually use may flow like water, which will become uncontrollable and more likely to lead to waste.


Let us know the thickener of daily chemical products below!

Thickeners for daily chemical products can be divided into more than 200 types such as inorganic salts and surfactants. To put it simply, a daily chemical thickener is a type of substance that increases the viscosity or consistency of daily chemical products.


Thickeners for daily chemical products mainly have the following functions:

1. The rheological state of the product can be adjusted to suit various products.

The rheological state of the product has an impact on the application of the product. For example, the toothpaste we usually use will maintain a better state when it is squeezed out. This is because the effect of adding a thickener is not increased. Thick toothpaste squeezes out like water.

2. It is stable to microorganisms and enzymes, has few pH restrictions, and has a wide range of applications, which can reduce the cost of raw materials. Using a part of thickener to replace raw materials can effectively reduce certain costs. the

3. Rapid thickening, long-lasting and stable thickening performance

4. Storage stability

Most daily chemical products are more likely to deteriorate after a long time, and at the same time, abnormal phenomena such as precipitation may occur during the transportation process. The key factor is that the daily chemical products are not thick enough, and adding a thickener can effectively improve this problem.

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