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Nonionic Penetrating Agent for Cotton Fabric Desizing JV-302

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
PH value: 6-7
Ionic: nonionic
  • JV-302
Product Description


Nonionic Penetrating agent for cotton fabric desizing JV-302


 A compound of nonionic surfactants.


Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

PH value: 6-7

Ionic: nonionic

Soluble in water

Compatibility: it can be mixed with all kinds of surfactants, and can also be mixed with resin shrinkage body and biological enzyme


1. As penetrant: it can be used in textile, printing and dyeing, finishing and other processes. Where anionic surfactant cannot be used, it can be used as wetting agent with the dosage of 0.5-3g/l.

2. As desizing agent: when starch desizing is carried out with biological enzyme, adding 1-5 g / L of this product into desizing size can accelerate the desizing speed and improve the desizing effect.

3. As degreasing agent: This product has excellent degreasing ability no matter in low temperature or high temperature.

4. It can quickly penetrate into the interior of the fabric and make the color addition uniform.

5. Used as wool washing agent: This product has the ability to wash wool, will not remain on the wool after use, no yellowing defect, fiber handle is also soft. This product can be used in acid, neutral or alkaline. It can be used with soap or alone.

When raw wool is washed, the amount of this product is 1% - 1.5% (to the weight of the fabric). If the wool contains free fatty acids, 1-3 g / L sodium carbonate can be added, but not excessive, otherwise the wool will be damaged.

6. For resin finishing: in order to improve the permeability of various resin shrinkage bodies, 1-3 g / L of this product is added into the resin finishing bath to improve the finishing effect.

7. It can be used in the same bath with cationic softener to improve the permeability of finishing solution.



It is packed in 125 kg plastic drums with a storage life of one year.

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