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Why do Cowboys always fade?

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What is denim
Denim is denim. Denim is made of warp and weft. But only warp can have color. The color of the surface of our pants is the color of warp


Why do Cowboys fade?

 The weft is light gray or white, that is, the color inside the pants is the color of the weft, and the color inside the pants is the color of the weft

  Denim has the characteristics of poor dyeing power and easy fading. In fact, the warp yarn is also white when it is woven with cotton. However, the diameter of the cotton fiber used is much larger and the impurity content is high. It is difficult to immerse the dye completely into the fiber if the white warp is dyed into indigo or black by means of over dyeing, and the impurities in it will make the fixation effect of the dye poor


Fading degree

Color of pants

Dark color > light color

Jeans itself is from the dark washing water fading, so the degree of color loss of dark jeans is greater than that of light color jeans


The temperature of washing pants

High > low

The higher the water temperature is, the easier the color will break away from the adsorption of cotton. When washing jeans, pay attention to the water temperature can not be too high, which will aggravate the degree of color loss of jeans


Thickness of trousers

Fabric thickness > fabric thickness

The thicker the fabric is, the thicker the yarn is, the more color it contains, and the more absorbent the cotton core is, so the degree of color loss will be more serious than that of jeans with thin fabric. Since fading is an unchangeable fact

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