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What are the misunderstandings of Thickener Used in washing liquid

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Laundry detergent is a daily chemical product consumed by most families quickly. Its fragrance is charming and softer when used, which reduces the damage to the skin of the hand. A few drops can melt in the water.

Nowadays, the relationship between supply and demand in the detergent sales market has long been saturated. If many detergent manufacturers want to excel in the huge sales market, they should pay more attention to product quality in addition to brand economic benefits. Customers' basic requirements for daily chemical products are high cost performance and low consumption. For manufacturers, goods should not only be cost-effective, but also the cost should not exceed the load. Therefore, the thickener of laundry detergent occurs in front of everyone to deal with everyone's concerns.


So what are the misunderstandings of detergent thickener? Did it fall into the pit?

Will thickener have side effects?

People don't have to worry about whether thickeners have side effects in washing liquid. Thickeners have developed quite mature, and there are many thickeners used in food. The thickener has good compatibility with the washing solution, no residue after use, and does not affect the transparency and original washing performance

The thicker the liquid, the better?

The answer is No. High viscosity cannot be said to be equal to high concentration. Only by adding appropriate proportion can we make full use of its functions and advantages, otherwise the gains will not pay off. When the consistency of the washing liquid is within the appropriate range, the fluidity of the washing liquid will be improved and easier to pour and use. It's easier to dissolve in water, improve dispersion and eliminate stains, so do you still think the thicker the detergent, the better? We should choose the right one.


The more detergent, the better?

The more detergent you put, the better. Please refer to the detergent manual for specific dosage. The washing liquid added with thickener has good consistency. When washing clothes, it can be easily used only by gently squeezing, which is not easy to splash. It can be easily washed without too much washing liquid.

What are the functions of detergent thickener?

1. Add a small amount of detergent, which is obviously thick and can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials.

2. Control the rheology and characteristics of detergent and better grasp the dosage of detergent in use.

3. It has high rheological resistance and higher pseudoplastic rheological properties.

The special thickener for laundry liquid is an anionic hydrophobic acrylic acid-base swelling Association rheological modifier, which is used for thickening and rheological modification of systems with high surfactant content. Jiewei thickener jv-300 is an associated polyacrylic acid, which has many properties, such as thickening, foam stabilization, chelation, emulsification, dispersion and so on. It is especially effective for thickening sulfonic acid system and other formula system20210826-300-外贸社媒

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