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The function and usage techniques of thickeners used as fabric softeners

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Thickener is a special additive widely used in various fields such as detergents, hair conditioners, softeners, cosmetics, etc. It can effectively improve the viscosity and adhesion of the product, while also improving the stability and rheological properties of the product. Today, we will provide a detailed introduction to the functions and usage methods of softeners and thickeners.


1、 The function of thickeners is to make the fabric softener thicker

1. Improve product consistency: Softeners and thickeners can significantly increase the consistency of the product, making it more smearable and stable. In terms of cleaning agents, softeners, etc., thickeners can be used to reduce the fluidity of liquids, making them easier to apply and use. At the same time, increasing product consistency also helps to improve product coverage and bonding strength, thereby improving the effectiveness of product use.

2. Improving the rheological properties of the product: By adding thickeners, the rheological properties of the product can be improved, making it more stable during use. In the fields of detergents, softeners, etc., due to the complex composition of products, phenomena such as sagging and sedimentation often occur. By using thickeners, rheological properties can be effectively controlled and product stability can be improved.

3. Improve product adhesion: The use of thickeners can enhance the adhesion between the product and the substrate, and improve the adhesion strength and water resistance of the coating. In the fields of detergents, leather coatings, etc., due to the different surface materials of materials, it is often necessary to improve the adhesion of coatings. By using thickeners, the adhesion of products to different materials can be enhanced, and the quality and durability of coatings can be improved.


2、 Tips for using thickeners:

1. Determine the amount of thickener added according to the production process and product requirements. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to add between 0.1% and 1% of the total amount of materials.

2. Prepare the raw materials that need to be softened and ensure that they are dry and clean.

3. Gradually add the softener and thickener to the material, while stirring evenly to fully disperse it in the material.

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