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Thickener for Pigment Printing of Chemical Fiber

Ionic: anionic 
  • PTE

Paint thickener PTE

 I. Main Components   Acrylate polymer

 II. Technical indicators

Appearance: milky white to beige, viscous fluid

Ionic: anionic

Solid content (wt%): 65 ± 2%

PH value (1.0wt% white pulp): 6 ~ 7

 III. Main Performance

1.PTE is a high concentration and high quality thickener specially developed for pigment printing enterprises. It is safe to use, reduces environmental pollution and is conducive to environmental protection.

2.It is suitable for thickening pigment printing paste of cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric and blended fabric.

3.It is suitable for all kinds of printing process, such as flat screen, rotary screen, roller and platen printing.

4.It has good electrolyte resistance and water holding capacity, and can be used with various adhesives.

5.It can be directly added into the color paste mixture to thicken the color paste, and can also be mixed with water to form a spare paste (paint color paste, adhesive and other components are not added), so it is easy to use.

6.The mesh will not be blocked in use.

 IV.Application Methods

According to the binder, pigment color, other additives and printing viscosity requirements, the general demand is 1.8% - 2.0%.

 V. Packaging storage

60KG、130KG。It should be stored at 5 ~ 40 ° C in a dry, cool and ventilated place.

Do not store products in mild steel, copper and aluminum containers with rust.Do not touch water before use.


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