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How to make dye fixing agent?

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If you are actually buying brightly colored clothes, then the last thing you want to do is to make the product fade and darken. But there is a solution! In fact, you can fix the color on your clothes to prevent them from falling or spilling on other clothes during the washing process. This is the thing to do. What you need is technology and dye fixing agent.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of fixing agent:

(1) Manual fixation

(2) How to make dye fixing agent?

(3) Fixing effect evaluation


(1) Manual fixation

Thoroughly clean the large mixing bowl or cleaning bucket, and then add a gallon of fresh clean water to it.  Add a quarter cup of salt and a cup of vinegar.  Vinegar and salt work together to naturally lock the color in the fabric.  Rub a bit of water to make sure the salt and vinegar are evenly distributed.

Take out the item, pour water and rinse the container, and fill it with clean water.  Put the fabric back in the container and gently squeeze and swirl, then refresh it with clean water.  If you still see color release on the fabric, repeat soaking in vinegar brine. Let the fabric dry completely and your items will retain their color the next time you wash.

fixing agent 

(2) How to make dye fixing agent?

The fixation process is very complicated, and different methods are used in different situations.

Need to use fixing agent: 2%-4% (owf) bath ratio: 1:20, temperature:

40℃~60℃ (according to the actual situation of the fabric or the recommended fixing agent usage index); Time: 20min; PH value: some fixers need the correct pH value to ensure the best fixing effect and the lowest Shade; operation: immerse the dyed and washed fabric in the fixing solution. And keep it for 20 minutes and take it out, dry in the oven and test.


(3) Fixing effect evaluation

①Color change: compare the fixing fabric and fixing agent with the gray-scale color card. And keep the fixed fabric as a standard, and pay attention to color changes. Usually in the dyeing factory, the experimental sampler will check and check the color change based on his experience. We can also use computer color matching and color measurement, take the dyed fabric as a prototype, fix the colored fabric as a spline, and measure the gloss change of the pure color fabric.

②Water fastness: Test the color fastness of the fabric according to the following method. Take a 250 px x 100 px dyed fabric, sew a white cloth of the same standard in the front area, immerse it in 50ml of distilled water, keep it at (30±5)°C, take it out and squeeze it out after 6 hours. Separate the sample from the white cloth and dry at room temperature or below 60°C. And use fading to test the fading level and dyeing level of the white cloth, and replace the sample card and gray level for dyeing. Please check gb/t 5713-1997 "Fabric color fastness test and water fastness test". Water standard. The method is as follows: Wet the sample and white cloth with distilled water, sandwich the syg 631 and the perspiration fastness tester, remove the excess water from the bearing under a pressure of 12.5pa, and put the compound sample in the incubator (37± 2) 4 hours in ℃.

③Saponification agent fastness: Test the color fastness of the fabric according to the following method, and compare the coefficients before and after the fastness: Take a 250 px x 100 px dyed fabric, stitch a piece of the same standard white cloth on the front side and immerse it in 250ml of 4g / l Soap powder and 2g/l sodium carbonate solution in a beaker, and then put it in a 60℃ water bath. Give it a stir and get wet. Keep for 30 minutes (Stir vigorously for 10 minutes, stirring 30 times each time).

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