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How to improve the wet rubbing fastness of denim fabric?

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Denim fabrics usually use indigo and sulfur dyes. These two dyes have some defects. It will lead to poor color fastness of denim to wet rubbing. So how to improve the wet rubbing fastness of denim to above grade 3?


After dyeing, both sulfide and indigo dyes are adsorbed on cellulose fibers through physical action, and there is no chemical bond between them.

Both sulfide and indigo dyes are insoluble in water. And adsorbed on the fiber surface. Therefore, for the fabrics dyed with both, after dyeing, the fiber surface is rough and the friction coefficient is large.

The dyeing strength of vulcanization and indigo is low. In order to obtain a darker color, a large amount of dye is required. It is easy to cause the floating color cleaning in the cleaning stage is not clean.


How to improve the wet rubbing fastness of denim fabric?

At present, the wet rubbing fastness of ordinary denim is usually about grade 1-2, and the improvement of denim washing and wet rubbing fastness is mainly realized by the following methods:

Step 1: strengthen cleaning. After product dyeing, strengthen water washing and try to clean all floating colors.

Step 2: soaping and fixing. Wash off the floating color again with soap. At the same time, the adhesion of sulfurized and indigo dyes is improved with color fixing agent.

Step 3: improve the fastness. Special fastness enhancers are used to further enhance the adhesion between dyes and fibers.


Wet rubbing fastness improver jv-536 is a polymer compound. Formaldehyde free. It is suitable for the fixation finishing of fabrics dyed with reactive, vulcanized, direct and vat dyes.

1. Easy to penetrate and absorb.

2. It can form a lake with the dye inside the fiber to make the dye have stronger adhesion on the fiber.

3. It can significantly improve the wet fastness, and the wet rubbing fastness of dark fabrics can be improved by 1-2 levels.

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