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​How does hand sanitizer work?

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Hands are the parts of the human body that are most exposed to bacteria, so washing hands is one of the most convenient and effective measures to keep bacteria away and maintain health. How does hand sanitizer sterilize? How does he use it? Faced with the thousands of hand sanitizer products on the market, how should we choose and use it correctly?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of hand sanitizer:

(1) Types of hand sanitizer

(2) Precautions for the use of hand sanitizer

(3) Other common questions


(1) Types of hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers can generally be divided into the following types according to the form of use and product characteristics:

Ordinary hand sanitizer is mainly used for cleaning and decontamination, but it does not claim to have sterilization or antibacterial effects.

Special hand sanitizer is also commonly referred to as antibacterial (antibacterial) hand sanitizer. In addition to surfactants, antibacterial or antibacterial ingredients are added to the formula. In addition to decontamination and cleaning, it can also kill bacteria or inhibit bacterial growth. Effect.

Generally, disposable hand sanitizers do not need to be washed after use. Disposable hand sanitizers generally comply with corporate standards.

Hand-washing disinfectant refers to the addition of active ingredients and skin care ingredients to the product, and it is not washed with water after using the product to kill pathogenic bacteria on the hands.


(2) Precautions for the use of hand sanitizer

Remember to wash your hands before meals, after going to the toilet, going home, touching trash, and petting animals. When washing your hands, pay attention to using running water and hand sanitizer to wash your hands, and the rubbing time is not less than 20 seconds.

The kneading steps can be simply summarized as a seven-character formula: inner-outer-clamp-bow-big-stand-wrist.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial hand sanitizers have been able to meet the daily cleaning needs of ordinary citizens.

It is not recommended to use disposable hand sanitizer as a regular hand cleaning method, and try to use it only when there is no water condition.

In some public places, the hand sanitizer is diluted and used in order to save costs, so that both the sterilization and cleaning capabilities are greatly reduced. Moreover, if the added water contains germs, it will cause the quality of the hand sanitizer to change, so don’t dilute it. handwashing fluid.


(3) Other common questions

After using hand sanitizer, can I stop washing my hands after eating?

Hand-washing sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are not a substitute for standard hand-washing procedures, and can only be applied to clean and dry hands. After alcohol disinfection, the killed germs and viruses still stay on the surface and cannot volatilize into the air along with the alcohol.

In addition, the hand sanitizer will leave a lot of residues on the surface of the skin after use (the ethanol residue is less, but it is still inedible). If it comes into direct contact with food, it may cause certain effects on the body.

Hand cleaning is still the first choice for running water + soap or hand sanitizer + water rinse. Portable cleaning products such as disposable hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes can be used as supplementary emergency use outdoors or when washing hands is inconvenient.

The higher the alcohol concentration of hand sanitizer, the better the disinfection effect?

It is not that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the disinfection effect. High concentrations of alcohol will quickly solidify the proteins on the surface of the virus, causing the alcohol to not continue to penetrate into it. For some viruses, its interior is still "alive". The osmotic pressure of 75% alcohol is similar to that of virus-infected cells, and the disinfection effect is relatively best.


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