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Where is moisture absorption and perspiration finishing agent used

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With the development of time and technology, the excellent properties of the fabric with moisture absorption and sweat wicking function are more and more popular, and the application field is more and more extensive. Moisture absorption and sweat-wicking textiles can be widely used in sports clothes, women's coats, men's coats, military products and other fields.


Women's coat:

The hygroscopic and sweat wicking fiber fabric will enter the field of women's clothing. In this field, the comfort of wearing has become the key, and the hygroscopic and sweat-wicking fiber has been widely used. Especially for the application of women's coat, the fashion features such as additional elasticity, cool and lightness have become the focus of material development. From the perspective of consumers' thinking, their requirements for products that are easy to feel functional and easy to understand are improving

Men's coat:

Although the moisture absorption and sweat-wicking materials are started from blouses, shirts, suits, shirts and other women's clothing, it should be gradually promoted in the field of men's clothing such as suits trousers, underwear sets, casual shorts and so on.


Athletic Wear:

The most outstanding development work in the application of hygroscopic and sweat wicking fiber is in the field related to sports, and it is mainly used around sports clothing competition clothes and so on. In this field, other materials do not require excellent functionality, but make it have elastic, light weight and high elastic functions. In recent years, the researchers and developers of textile and clothing industry have focused on the hygroscopic and perspiration performance, which has been emphasized as an added value.


military supplies:

The moisture absorption and sweat wicking textile fabrics have a significant effect in military field. Because of the extremely bad natural conditions in military environment, the fabric clothing with moisture absorption and sweat wicking function can make soldiers more focused on fighting in various adverse environments

On these fabrics, it is necessary to use moisture absorption and sweat remover

Moisture absorption and perspiration finishing agent

What are the properties of the hygroscopic and sweat-wicking finishing agent?

1. As a hydrophilic soft finishing of cotton fabric, polyester / cotton blended fabric, the fabric has excellent hydrophilicity, softness and quick drying property.

2. It gives fabric excellent antistatic property.

3. The finished fabric can effectively prevent pinholes.

4. The high hydrophilicity, the 30 minute climb height of the finished fabric can reach 15cm.

5. The fabric is resistant to yellowing and no yellowing after finishing.

6. Water washability, up to 30 times.

7. Acid, alkali, salt, good stability.

8. Can be with resin, whitening agent, anti slip agent bath.

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