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​What are the advantages and disadvantages of using adhesives?

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Coating printing and dye printing can be distinguished by comparing the hardness difference between printed and unprinted parts on the same fabric. The paint-printed area feels a little harder than the unprinted area, maybe a little thicker. If the fabric is printed with dye, there is no significant difference in hardness between the printed and unprinted parts. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of adhesives?


What are the advantages of using adhesives?

What are the disadvantages of using adhesives?


What are the advantages of using adhesives?

Adhesive printing is the most inexpensive printing method in printing production, because the printing of adhesive is relatively simple, requires the least process, usually does not need steam and water washing. The paint comes in bright, rich colors and can be used on all textile fibers. Their fastness to light and dry cleaning is good, even excellent, so they are widely used in decorative fabrics, curtain fabrics, and clothing fabrics requiring dry cleaning. In addition, the coating almost does not produce a large color difference on the different batches of fabric, and in the cover of the background color is also very good. It can be printed with other dyes, and can also be used as coloring dye in anti-dying printing. It has wide adaptability and easy color matching because it has no dye rate problem and races dying phenomenon, so it has good color reproduction and can be used for special printing. Such as white paint printing, gold and silver printing, fluorescent printing, luminous printing, etc., the printed products have a three-dimensional sense, increasing the variety of color.


What are the disadvantages of using adhesives?

With continuous washing or dry cleaning, the paint printing will gradually fade, the color will become lighter and lighter. This is due to the continuous rotation and stirring of the resin adhesive in the process of cleaning. Usually, after 20-30 times of cleaning, the printed cloth will show an obvious fading phenomenon. The paint stiffens the feel of the printed part of the fabric, less so in light colors but more so in dark colors. Paints are not particularly durable, especially in dark colors. Dark paint should be especially avoided in fabrics such as furniture decoration.


To sum up, with the development of synthetic fiber and its various forms of blended fabric and the development of coating varieties, coating printing more and more shows its superiority. The improvement of adhesive properties, the appearance of synthetic paste, and the application of feel improver make the coating printing have a broader development prospect.


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