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How to use fabric softeners correctly?

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Definition of Fabric Softener

  The most common types of clothing softeners are emulsions, as well as powders or dry softeners. During the washing cycle, the softener is released and attached to the fabric fibers, smoothing them out and reducing friction, making the fabric feel softer and more comfortable to wear. Some even add a fresh fragrance to the clothing.


The formula of fabric softener

    The ingredients of various brands of clothing softeners vary depending on the formula, but most clothing softeners contain the following ingredients:

Quaternary ammonium compounds: are the main active ingredients in clothing softeners. Quaternary ammonium compounds are positively charged molecules that combine with negatively charged fibers in fabrics to form a barrier, helping to reduce friction and prevent electrostatic adhesion.

1.Surfactant: A compound similar to detergent that helps to evenly disperse the fabric softener throughout the entire washing water.

2.Emulsifiers: These chemicals help to keep clothing softeners mixed together and prevent their separation.

3.Spice: an additive in clothing softeners, giving clothes a pleasant aroma.

4.Preservatives: can help inhibit bacterial growth and extend the shelf life of products.

     It should be noted that some clothing softeners also contain other ingredients, such as thickeners or anti-static agents, depending on the specific formula. Some clothing softeners are formulated without spices and are suitable for sensitive skin.


How to use fabric softeners

To use liquid fabric softener, follow the following steps:

1. Determine the appropriate amount of fabric softener based on the size of the clothing load and the instructions on the fabric softener bottle. Most clothing softeners will list the recommended dosage on the label.

2. Add an appropriate amount of fabric softener to the dispenser of the washing machine. If your washing machine does not have a softener dispensing system, you can manually add the softener directly to the washing water during the rinsing stage.

3. Use regular detergent and appropriate washing time to run the washing machine as usual. When the rinsing cycle begins, the fabric softener will be distributed to the washing water and cover the fibers of the clothing.

Do all clothes require a fabric softener when washing?

  No, it's not. Softener is an optional clothing care product. It can help your clothes feel softer, reduce static adhesion, and be easier to iron. However, if your skin is prone to allergies, softeners may not be the most ideal choice as they can sometimes cause skin irritation or trigger allergic reactions.微信截图_20220224162204

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