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How to reduce the pungent smell of toilet cleaning spirit?

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Toilet cleaning spirit is a good product for cleaning stubborn stains on toilets and ceramic tiles. Almost every family has it. Some consumers found that the taste of commonly used toilet cleaning spirit was particularly affected.


Where does the pungent smell of toilet cleaning spirit come from?

The answer is: hydrochloric acid. He is a hero and a sinner.

The main active ingredient of jiexiling, which is common in the market today, is hydrochloric acid (HCl solution). About 5-10% of the total content. In other words, there will be 25-50g hydrochloric acid in a 500g bottle of toilet cleaning spirit. Other active ingredients also include a small amount of surfactants and additives.

Hydrochloric acid is a colorless and transparent inorganic acid. The stains in the toilet are mainly composed of alkaline insoluble substances such as magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate. It can react with hydrochloric acid to form soluble ionic solution. Therefore, jiexiling relies on hydrochloric acid to achieve decontamination effect.

At the same time, hydrochloric acid is a substance with a strong pungent taste. Even if the dilute solution is diluted to 5-10%, it is easy to volatilize into the air.


What are the hazards of hydrochloric acid?

Excessive inhalation of hydrochloric acid can damage respiratory organs.

Hydrochloric acid is both useful and harmful to the body. Inhalation may irreversibly damage respiratory organs, eyes, skin, etc. Other ingredients in toilet cleaning spirit, such as surfactants, have no significant effect on the body.

Compared to other chemical reagents. Hydrochloric acid can remove stains. It can also eliminate harmful microorganisms such as bacteria. Although it will affect people's olfactory system, considering the economic benefits, it is still the "best choice" for manufacturers.

Manufacturers are also trying to reduce the impact of hydrochloric acid on the body, such as adding an appropriate amount of aromatic substances to jietoilet spirit. In fact, careful we will find. With the upgrading of products, the taste of toilet cleaning spirit has become less pungent, gradually faded or even disappeared.


JV-999 is the typical pine essence of toilet cleaner. It is emulsified with a variety of surfactants.

This product has excellent thickening effect in strong acid system.

Improve the adhesion effect of cleaner on the surface of smooth sanitary ware.

At the same time, avoid injury caused by acid splashing.


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