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Are you still troubled by kitchen cleaning? Let the kitchen degreaser to help you

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There are three major disaster areas for kitchen oil stains: stoves, cabinet walls, and range hoods.

Sticky, ordinary detergent can't do anything to them, use it blindly, it can only make the rag sticky and sticky

Even if you choose a special oil cleaner for the kitchen, you will fall into the following minefields if you are not careful:

The more common range hood cleaners use solvent-based formulas, which have strong instant detergency, but are easy to slip off. The contact time of the cleaner is short, and the oil removal effect is average


Solvent-based formula, strong alkaline, PH value up to 13, strong corrosiveness, relatively large damage to the surface of ceramics, will cause stainless steel to rust, and glass to turn white

Can you feel it?

Entering a clean and shiny kitchen brings a sunny mood and makes it easier to cook;

Entering a kitchen full of sticky oil, you will feel irritable and disgusted inexplicably, so how important it is to have a good kitchen heavy oil cleaner!

After many rounds of comparisons, the multi-effect oil cleaning effect of Dorlort Kitchen is better.

It uses a high-efficiency surfactant-based formula, and the detergency can reach 98% according to third-party inspections.


At the same time, it can maintain a relatively mild formula, and the PH value does not reach the alkalinity of laundry detergent. Even if it gets on your hands, it will not damage the skin.

Recommended reason:

1. The detergency is 98%, 10 times the cleaning power standard

2. PH value 10.1, milder than laundry detergent

3. The sterilization rate is 99.9%, which can be cleaned, deodorized and sterilized


Surfactant formula, mild and not unpleasant

The PH value of ordinary greasy cleaners is very high, which will cause irreversible damage to the surface of range hoods and stoves. The direct feeling is that stainless steel stoves will rust, and glass stoves will turn white.

It is very important to choose the right product for cleaning heavy oil stains in the kitchen

In order to choose a reliable oil stain cleaner, the detergency test, pH value test, adhesion performance index and taste irritation test were carried out respectively. The test data showed that the comprehensive performance of Dulet Kitchen Oil Cleaner is better, which meets our requirements daily use.

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