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Application scope and characteristics of daily chemical thickener

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Daily chemical washing thickener has strong formula practicability. It is mainly used for different gloss paint formulations, and has excellent performance in a variety of emulsion systems.

Daily chemical washing thickener and non-ionic polyurethane leveling agent have excellent formula compatibility. It can also further improve water resistance and obtain excellent fluidity. With the continuous development of the domestic coating market, the application of daily chemical washing thickener is gradually extensive. Daily chemical washing thickener is one of the thickeners selected and used by many chemists in the industry.


Daily chemical washing thickener belongs to non-ionic surfactant and has no cloud point. It is light yellow to amber viscous liquid. Soluble in water. It has excellent foaming, foam stabilization, penetration and decontamination, anti hard water and other effects.

Daily chemical washing thickener JV-388 is a mixture of various surfactants. It has excellent thickening effect in strong acid system. It is widely used in household cleaning and industrial cleaning.

When preparing toilet cleaning essence and rust remover products. Use JV-388 to become viscous fluid. Improve the adhesion effect of cleaner on the surface of smooth sanitary ware. Stay on the vertical surface with dirt for a long time to achieve good cleaning effect. At the same time, avoid injury caused by acid splashing.


What are the characteristics of daily chemical washing thickener JV-388?

1. It can stabilize microorganisms and enzymes and reduce the production cost of raw materials.

2. It has the effect of thickening and decontamination, with certain surfactant.

3. Short time thickening effect, good dispersion, less addition and high cost performance.

4. In strong acid system, it has extremely good viscosity increasing effect and improves wall hanging and spreading properties.

5. In the strong acid system, it is stable after thickening, and there will be no thinning during storage.

6. It has corrosion inhibition effect and greatly reduces the corrosion caused by acid cleaning.


What is the scope of application of daily chemical washing thickener?

1. In the production of printing and dyeing industry, it is used as detergent for textile fabrics, as well as ingredient and thickener of other detergents.

2. It has excellent thickening effect for liquid products with cationic surfactants as main raw materials.

3. It has a certain anti-static conditioning effect and has little irritation to the skin.

4. As an emulsifier of oily raw materials, it is widely used in daily chemical products and various cosmetics and surfactant products.

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