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Anionic Fluffy Degreaser for Wool Good Emulsify JV-202

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
 Ionicity: negative/nonionic
 PH value :6-7
 Water soluble: soluble in water
  • JV-202



Anionic fluffy degreaser for wool good emulsify JV-202


 Deoiling agent JV-202 is a new type of surfactant. The oil agent added in the silk drawing process of chemical fiber fabric, the natural wax in natural cellulose fiber and the wax and mineral oil added in weaving sizing process have very strong emulsification, dispersion and washing removal functions. Application in chemical fiber fabric deoiling, T/C blended deoiling dyeing process.


 Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

 Ionicity: negative/nonionic

 PH value :6-7

 Water soluble: soluble in water


1. T / R fabric is pretreated and dyed in one bath. In overflow dyeing machine, dyes can be dyed by adding degreaser 1g / L with warm water. This method can also be used for t / C fabric with cotton shell which does not affect the appearance when dyeing dark color.

2. In order to remove the oil stain of the scouring fabric, the pretreatment and refining of the whole t fabric and T / C fabric in overflow dyeing are carried out to remove the mineral oil and cottonseed shell. The addition of oil remover can remove the size and oil in the fabric, improve the levelness of the product dyeing, and prevent the occurrence of color defects.

3. Adding 1 ~ 1.5g/l deoiling agent in hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton fabric can completely remove the oil stain on the fabric and improve the appearance style and quality level of the product.

4. Wool fabric pretreatment dosage of 5 ~ 10g / l can remove the ester without damaging the wool, and obtain fluffy and soft handle.


 Chemical fiber fabric: the amount of oil remover jv-202 is 1-2g / L, without alkali.

Natural fiber or T / C fabric: degreaser 202 dosage 1-2g / L, NaOH 1-3g / L.


Packed in 125 kg plastic drums and stored at 5-50 ℃ to avoid freezing temperature.

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We can provide you a certain amount of free samples,please contact us directly.


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It is on problem if you are a small wholesaler,we would you like to grow up with together.


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