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Why use fluoride free waterproof agent

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At present, the best water-proof and oil repellent finishing agent is fluoro-containing organic polymer. The main products of textile products are C8 and C6, which are fluorocarbon waterproof agents. Although the waterproof effect of fluorine-containing waterproof agent is obvious, PFOS and PFOA will be produced during the production process, which has potential harm to health.


According to the OECD assessment, PFOS is the most difficult organic pollutant to decompose. The half row in human body lasts for 8.7 years, which is toxic and carcinogenic to human liver, nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and immune system. PFOA has almost biological toxicity.


The above assessment was scientifically reviewed by the Scientific Committee on health and environmental risk (Scher) and the UK Ministry of environment and food. The European Union immediately enacted a decree that PFOS content on standard textiles should not exceed 1 μ g/m2。 But the content of PFOA and PFOS in C8 waterproof agent is seriously over standard. It does not meet environmental standards. Although the content of PFOA and PFOS in C6 waterproof agent cannot be detected, that is, it is lower than the detection limit of 1g/ ㎡, but there are still risks. Therefore, the use of fluorine water proofing agent is strictly restricted.

Why do we choose fluoride free waterproof agent?

微信图片_20210623163408Policy and regulation level

1. C8 waterproof agent is prohibited in developed countries. C6 water proofing is also prohibited on some fabrics

2. developing countries have not issued legal provisions to limit the use of C8 waterproof agents, but also included the concerns.

微信图片_20210623163411Brand level

1. most leisure brands have turned to fluorine free.

2. outdoor sports equipment brand is still dominated by C6, but it is also actively changing to fluorine-free. Some brands have begun to require suppliers to actively develop fluorine free products.

3. the home decoration, tent, luggage, etc. are mainly C6. But they are also trying to use fluoride free products  。

 With the increasing environmental protection standards, fluorine-free waterproof agent has been paid more and more attention by the industry. At the same time, we should improve people's quality of life, reduce the pollution to the environment, and make the day and body healthier.


What are fluorine-free waterproofing agents?

Fluorine free waterproof agent is a general term of various waterproof agents. All fluorocarbon free waterproofing agents can be called fluoro free waterproofing agents.

At present, fluorine-free waterproof agents are mainly classified as follows: metal soap, paraffin, hydroxymethyl and organosilicon.

Compared with fluorine waterproof agent, fluorine-free waterproof agent is not easy to deposit, degrade and harmless to the body. It is a more safe and environmental protection product. Nowadays, the concept of ecological environmental protection is becoming more and more popular, so the development of fluorine-free waterproof agent has become a new research hotspot.

Although the current stage is only used in the waterproof finishing of fabrics, it can not achieve the three anti finishing effects of "waterproof, oil and pollution prevention". But we believe that technology will be accompanied by the changes of the times. In the future, a fluorine-free waterproof agent with high water resistance and oil and pollution prevention has been developed. It is not impossible to replace fluorocarbon water repellent completely. Or we have developed alternative products which are both environmental protection and safety, and have excellent three prevention effects.


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