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What thickeners can be used in acidic conditions?

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What thickeners can be used in acidic conditions?

In many cosmetic products, it is necessary to make paste or fluidity gel to facilitate the adhesion of the ingredients to the target, such as Dish Washing and laundry detergent.

At present, thickeners are mostly chemical synthetic polymer materials or pure natural vegetable gum. It only plays the role of thickening, and does not interact with the components. In the whole application process, it usually needs a long time of stirring or heating, the process is complex, time-consuming and laborious, and the long time of stirring is easy to degrade, which affects the thickening effect. For example, pure natural vegetable gum is easy to degrade as a natural substance after long time mixing.

Thickening agent,Thickener

Polyacrylamide is also a kind of thickener. Even though it is difficult to degrade, its thickening effect is easily affected by the salt in the solution and lost its thickening effect. Therefore, the product generally uses thickening agent to keep it in gel state, so that its components can give full play to its maximum efficacy at a smaller concentration. Therefore thickeners play a key role in making products stable gel.

In order to solve the problem of solid scale and rust, chemicals such as Dish Washing, toilet cleanser and degreasing spray are usually made into acidic products. Sanitary ware is smooth porcelain surface, adhesion effect is poor, the surface is often vertical or inclined, in order to make the cleaner can work well, the product needs to add thickener to properly improve the viscosity of the product, so that the product has a certain adhesion time on the surface of the sanitary ware, and avoid the damage caused by acid splash.


Because this kind of product is acidic, a thickener suitable for acidic environment is needed. In fact, acidic thickener should be a kind of synthetic acrylic thickener, which generally contains acid group carboxyl COOH, so it is generally acidic.

This kind of thickener is colorless or light yellow thick colloid, odorless, neutral, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and acetone. It is easy to decompose, flocculate, settle and reinforce when the temperature exceeds 120 ℃. It has excellent thickening effect in strong acid system and is widely used in household cleaning and industrial cleaning. When preparing toilet cleaner, rust remover and other products, using jv-388 can become viscous fluid, improve the adhesion effect of the cleaner on the smooth surface of sanitary ware, and stay for a long time on the vertical surface with dirt to achieve good cleaning effect.

The main performances are as follows

1. In the strong acid system, it has a very good thickening effect and improves the wall hanging property and spreading property.

2. In the strong acid system, it is stable after thickening and will not appear the phenomenon of storage thinning.

3. It has the function of corrosion inhibition, greatly reducing the corrosion caused by acid cleaning.

4. It is used to prepare other acids (amino sulfonic acid, oxalic acid, citric acid, methyl sulfonic acid, phosphoric acid, etc.) except hydrochloric acid.

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