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What is the principle of adhesive?

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The adhesive is the main component of pigment printing paste, which is polymerized by various monomers. The pigment is cemented on the fabric through film-forming. The film-forming performance directly affects the fastness and printing performance of the printed fabric.


What is the principle of adhesive?

What are the characteristics of the adhesive used in the painting?

What is the principle of adhesive?

1.Adhesives are dipole attractive: wetting and cleaning are essential. The adhesive has to be liquid at some point in the bonding process to allow the molecules to bond so intimately that van der Waals forces hold. When the adhesive is in a liquid state, it must be able to get the parts it is trying to bond together. This wetting ensures proper molecular intimacy. Wetting is essentially a measure of the compatibility of the adhesive with the adhesive. If the adhesive in the liquid state shows insufficient wetting (" globular "rather than spread out), the joint is likely to be fragile and may not be successful.

2.Proper internal pressure management. As discussed in many technical papers and in the first part of this catalog, the internal stresses of the bonded parts must be minimized to achieve reliable bonded connections. In fact, the bond strength measured in typical overlapped shear and die shear tests is essentially the intrinsic volume strength of the binder material minus the internal stress generated by the binder bonding.

3.Good storage stability, film formation cannot be too fast, the formulated printing paste rheology is good, no condensation, printing paste is not blocked net, not stick to the drum/stick screen after printing easy to clean.

What are the characteristics of the adhesive used in the painting?

①Compared with other dye printing, the process of coating printing is simple and the color paste is convenient. If it is full-coating printing, it can be sent to the assembly workshop only by steaming or baking. The process flow is short, the labor productivity is improved, the wastewater discharge is reduced, and the environmental pollution is small.

②It has a complete chromatograph, good washing resistance, light resistance, chlorine resistance bleaching fastness, bright color, clear print outline, no selectivity to fiber, paint printing can be applied to all kinds of fabrics, especially for blended fabric printing is the best choice, the color is uniform, will not produce flash.

③It can be printed with other dyes, and can also be used as coloring dyes in anti-dyeing printing. The process is widely adaptable, and color matching is easy, because no dye rate problem and race dying phenomenon, so the color light reproducibility is good.

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