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What is the difference between industrial alcohol and medical alcohol?

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Industrial alcohol

Industrial alcohol is the alcohol used in industry, also known as denatured alcohol and industrial liqueur.

The purity of industrial alcohol is generally 95% and 99%.There are mainly two ways of production: synthesis and brewing (corn or cassava). The general cost of synthesis is very low, and the ethanol content is high. Generally, the ethanol content of brewing industrial alcohol is greater than or equal to 95%. However, industrial alcohol often contains a small amount of impurities such as methanol, aldehydes and organic acids, which greatly increases its toxicity.

Drinking industrial alcohol can cause poisoning and even death.It is forbidden to use industrial alcohol to produce all kinds of alcohol in China


Medical alcohol

Medical alcohol is mainly composed of ethanol, which is a plant raw material product. It is made from starch plants by saccharification, fermentation and distillation, which is equivalent to the process of wine making.However, the distillation temperature of medical alcohol is lower than that of wine, the number of distillation times is more than that of wine, the alcohol content is high, and the output of finished products is high. Besides alcohol, ether and aldehyde components are more than wine, so it can not be drunk.Medical alcohol can contact the human body, and is often used to scrub wounds.

75% alcohol is used for disinfection.This is because excessive concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of bacteria, preventing it from entering the body of bacteria, and it is difficult to completely kill the bacteria.If the alcohol concentration is too low, it can enter the bacteria, but it can not coagulate the protein in the body, and can not completely kill the bacteria.

If you can't buy 75% medical alcohol, you can dilute it to 65% - 75% medical alcohol with 95% alcohol.(100ml 95% medical alcohol + 26.7ml-46ml distilled water)



Industrial alcohol contains formaldehyde, which has serious harm to human body, and is not suitable for disinfecting alcohol. Therefore, when purchasing, do not buy three products without products. It must be produced by regular manufacturers with production license.

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