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Pot Bottom Cleaning Agent

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The kitchen has always been a difficult point for household cleaning, and the most serious problems are oil stains and dirt on the bottom of pots. Through prolonged heating, the oil on the bottom of the pot will gradually turn black and accumulate into a thick layer of coke. Today I will introduce to you a cleaner that can easily remove black dirt from the bottom of the pot. You no longer have to worry about thick dirt being unable to be cleaned.


To deal with the oil stains on the bottom of the pot, steel wire balls can no longer meet people's needs. In order to quickly and effectively solve the black matter on the bottom of the pot, you can use pot bottom black cleaning agent to clean it. Suitable for stainless steel pots, iron woks, barbecue grills, dull kitchen utensils, etc.


Black pot bottom cleaning agent, low cost and good wall hanging effect. Developed for green and environmentally friendly pot bottom stain cleaning products, it leaves no residue and can deeply penetrate and decompose oil stains on the pot bottom, completely remove burnt black stains, and make the pot bottom shine again and look brand new.


Can be used to clean kitchen surfaces and has a wide range of uses

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