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​How to remove adhesive from skin?

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In order to improve the quality of textiles and develop new varieties, new methods and techniques are constantly used to modify textiles. Textile adhesives are mainly used in plastic, rubber, ceramic, and metal bonding materials. So, how to remove adhesive from the skin, let’s look at the following and you will find the answer.


How to remove adhesive from skin?

What are the requirements for high-quality printing adhesives?


How to remove adhesive from skin?

Use oil to weaken the adhesive Soak a cotton ball or swab in baby oil. If you don’t have baby oil on hand, olive oil, oil or baby shampoo will do. Next, gently rub it on the bandage until it comes off. You can test the effectiveness of the bandage by slowly peeling off a corner of it. If there is any residue, dip the makeup remover into a cotton ball and let it sit on the sticky spot for a minute, then gently wipe off the residue. Rinse off excess makeup remover and apply moisturizer as it can dry out the skin. Oh, and if you still have open or sensitive wounds, don’t try this.


What are the requirements for high-quality printing adhesives?

Because the pigment paste is solidified and fixed on the fiber by printing the binder, the properties of the binder play an important role in printing. The color brightness of the printed fabric, feel, colorfastness (such as rubbing fastness and soaps fastness, etc.), and other indicators, largely depend on the quality of the adhesive properties. Therefore, the development of textile coating printing has a direct relationship with the development of adhesives.

(1) After film-forming and curing on the fabric, a colorless transparent, strong adhesion and elastic leathery uniform film are formed.

(2) Ultraviolet radiation resistance, no yellowing, aging resistance.

(3) The skin membrane is flexible, wrinkle-resistant, soft and non-sticky, and does not adsorb colored substances.

(4) Skin film resistance to organic solvents, do not soften the sticky.

(5) A certain heat and frost resistance.

(6) Good storage stability, film formation cannot be too fast, the formulated printing paste rheology is good, no condensation, printing paste is not blocked net, not stained drum/sticky screen after printing is easy to clean.

(7) Good compatibility with printing thickener, has little influence on the viscosity of printing size.


The printing process is simple, energy saving, no wastewater generation, greatly reduce the pollution of printing and dyeing wastewater to the environment.


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