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How to choose the right cleaning agent in daily life?

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In daily life, there are a variety of cleaning agents. Every household needs to use cleaning agents in their kitchens. Kitchenware, vegetables and fruits, heavy oil polluted stoves, and grease from range hoods need to use cleaning agents. What are the uses and methods of using household cleaning agents? Let's learn about the usage and usage of common cleaning agents together.


Neutral cleaning agent application: set cleaning and disinfection as one, containing high-efficiency antibacterial agent, can effectively eliminate and inhibit all kinds of microorganisms, strong cleaning power, is an indispensable cleaning disinfectant in the workplace and home. Neutral cleaning agent is a neutral formula, does not damage the surface of the object, after use does not need water. It is suitable for cleaning furniture, floor, aluminum doors and windows, ceramic tile, leather shoes, car body, etc.


Application field of all-round Cleaner: all-round cleaner is alkaline, containing a variety of highly effective active oil removing ingredients, with comprehensive cleaning, sterilization, sterilization effect. Suitable for removing oil, carbon, tea and ceramic tile surface stains. No corrosive irritation, safe and reliable. It is suitable for surface cleaning of glass, aluminum doors and windows, leather, rubber floor, ceramic tile, marble, carpet and other materials.


Degreasing detergent application: degreasing agent is alkaline, super concentrated formula. It has strong emulsification and permeability. It can quickly emulsify heavy oil, animal and vegetable oil, with excellent oil removal ability and odor removal effect. It is suitable for car shop, machinery factory, food supermarket, hotel restaurant and kitchen cleaning. Instructions: depending on the degree of the stain, spray several times of water on the surface of the stain. After a few minutes, clean it with a brush or water


In this Degreaser, surfactant RH-203 is a mixture of non-ionic and cationic surfactant, which is an optimized multifunctional surfactant for acid and alkaline cleaning.  

     1. It is suitable for industrial heavy scale oil removal, locomotive cleaning and multifunctional hard surface cleaning.  

     2. It has a good dispersing effect on soot, carbon black and other particulate dirt wrapped in oil.  

     3. It can replace solvent degreaser.  

     4. RH-203 can be used for high pressure jet cleaning, but the amount should not be too much. Recommendation: 0.5-2%.  

     5. RH-203 can also be used as acid cleaner.  

     6. Formula suggestion: as a surfactant component as far as possible, it can be

used together with other washing AIDS.

7. Compatibility with anionic surfactants is not recommended.


Main performance of RH-203

1. It has better usability while maintaining the ability of oil removal and cleaning.  

  2. It is easy to prepare and can be used together with complexing agent or detergent aid.  

  3. Better cost performance.  

  4. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, floor cleaning and locomotive shell, hospital, hotel daily facilities cleaning.

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