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Formaldehyde free fixing agent - the preferred product for fabric dyeing

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Due to the advantages of simple coloring, comprehensive chromatography, and low cost of pigments, direct dyes and reactive dyes have become the preferred materials for fabric dyeing. However, these dyes are generally prone to decolorization, so the fabric after dyeing needs to undergo fixation treatment.


Fixing agents can cause dyes and fabrics to form insoluble colored substances that precipitate on the fabric, thereby improving the wet treatment fastness of dyes on the fabric, such as washing and sweat fastness, and sometimes also improving their sun fastness.

With the development of the textile industry and the growth of market demand, as well as the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of environmental awareness, people's requirements for clothing are increasingly focused on comfort, cleanliness, safety, and environmental protection. Require that textiles should not use dyes that are carcinogenic, teratogenic, environmentally unfriendly, and difficult to biodegrade during the processing, and that the additives used should not contain heavy metals or produce free formaldehyde; It is required to adopt green production and use green additives.


Formaldehyde free fixing agent JV-607 is an environmentally friendly fixing agent developed to meet modern environmental requirements. It belongs to the category of cationic polymers. Excellent color fixation effect, can significantly improve the water washing fastness and dry wet friction fastness of the treated fabric, without reducing sweat stains, sun exposure, and chlorine resistance; The brightness, color and texture of the fabric treated with this product are not affected, and it does not affect the hydrophilicity of the fabric; It does not contain free formaldehyde or bound formaldehyde, and the treated fabric does not pose a risk of aldehyde pollution.

Before conducting color fixation treatment, please rinse the dyed fabric thoroughly (soap washing if necessary) to remove residual dyes, salts, and alkalis to ensure the subsequent color fixation effect.

Recommended general dosage and process:

1. Immersion method:

Fixing agent: 2-4% o.w.f

Bath ratio: 1:10-15

Temperature&Time: 45-55 ℃ x 10-20 minutes

Dyed fabric → Immerse in fixing agent working solution at 45-55 ℃, run for 15-30 minutes → Wash with water → Dry

2. Immersion rolling method:

Color fixing agent: 20-40 g/L

Dyed fabric → room temperature, immersion and fixation agent working solution → drying.

This formaldehyde free fixing agent does not contain free formaldehyde or bound formaldehyde, and has excellent color fixing effect. It is suitable for the color fixing treatment of all cellulose fibers and their blended fabrics after dyeing with reactive dyes or direct dyes.


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