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Analysis of the future development of fluorine-free waterproof agent

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Waterproof and oil proof fabric is a kind of functional intelligent fabric. It can make the textile products waterproof, rainproof, oil proof, and timely discharge the sweat of the human body, so as to keep the human body dry and warm. Waterproof and oil proof tablecloth and car protective cover used for decoration and industrial production are also very popular.


At present, the best waterproof and oil repellent finishing agent is fluorinated organic polymer. According to the relevant research results, perfluorooctane sulfonic acid and PFOA, which are commonly used in the "three proofing" finishing of textile products in the international market, have potential harm to our health.

Nowadays, there is no reasonable and effective way to solve the pollution problem of PFOS and PFOA in the world, so it is necessary to replace the organic fluorine products without APEO, PFOA and PFOA, that is, fluorine-free waterproof agent.

Fluorine free waterproof agent is a general term for a variety of waterproof agents. Any waterproof agent without fluorocarbon resin can be called fluorine free waterproof agent.


Fluorine free waterproof agent can reduce the interfacial tension of textile fabric, which is lower than that under water, but not lower than that of oil. Therefore, fluorine free waterproof agent can only give the waterproof function of textile fabric, but can not give the oil proof performance of textile fabric, which is far from the effect of fluorine series products. At present, it is only applied to the waterproof finishing of fabric, which can not achieve the effect of "waterproof, oil proof and antifouling".

However, with the development of science and technology, the trend of fluorine-free waterproof agent will gradually replace fluorine-containing waterproof agent in the future, and the performance of fluorine-free waterproof agent will also change.

Fluorine free waterproof agent w-0301 is a new product developed by JERVAY. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly product. Suitable for cotton fabrics, providing paper with waterproof performance.

In the waterproof test performance, the pure cotton waterproof score is 100, the mixed cotton score is 95, and the paper score is 100.


usage method:

It's also easy to use. It is suggested that w-0301 should be diluted to 1-30g / L, and the rolling liquid rate should be 80-100% by adopting one dip and one rolling process. High temperature setting machine 160 ~ 170 ℃, baking 5 ~ 10 minutes.

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