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Which adhesive is usually supplied in two parts?

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In the film-forming process of coating printing adhesive, it is basically a physical process except for the cross-linking effect of cross-linking agent and self-crosslinking adhesive. The physical state of the adhesive is different, and the film formation mechanism is different.


What are the two different parts?

What is the future of the adhesive?

What are the two different parts?

① Film-forming process of water dispersing adhesive: Adhesive is soluble in acetic acid and water, belonging to the water dispersal, polymer molecules entangled with each other, the adhesive is dispersed in the state of molecules in the solvent, with the evaporation of the solvent, the adhesive molecules further entangled with each other, thus forming a membrane. Film formation does not need too high a temperature, as long as the solvent can be evaporated to form an ideal film, and the addition of crosslinking agent in this process also plays a role in crosslinking.

② Film-forming process of emulsion adhesive: The film-forming mechanism of emulsion adhesive is more complicated. Because the polymer in the emulsion adhesive is multi-molecule in the emulsion particles, the emulsion particles are dispersed in the water medium.

What is the future of the adhesive?

Pigment printing is by using polymer (adhesive) film in the surface of the fabric, there will be no affinity and reaction force of non-ferrous material (paint) paint adhesion on the fabric, after heat treatment the pigment printing ink fixation, giving the fabric a variety of colors and designs of the printing process, applicable to all kinds of fiber and blended fabric printing processing; The color spectrum of paint printing is complete, the color is convenient, the color light is easy to adjust and control; The printed pattern is clear, distinct, three-dimensional, the printing process is simple, energy saving, no wastewater generation, greatly reducing the pollution of printing and dyeing wastewater to the environment. Therefore, under the background of energy conservation and environmental protection, the development of textile coating printing is getting better and better, in order to gradually replace the dye printing process which produces more sewage and consumes more energy.

With the mass production of synthetic fiber and its blended fabric, the application of coating printing is expanding, coupled with the continuous improvement of its ecological and environmental protection performance, the superiority of coating printing is particularly prominent, which has become the mainstream of the development of textile printing at home and abroad.

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