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What are the factors affecting wet rubbing fastness

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The rubbing fastness of fabric is to promote the dye to fall off and stick to the cloth under the action of friction. In addition to the role of external force, wet friction also has the role of water. Therefore, wet friction is generally about one level worse than dry friction.


So what are the factors affecting wet friction?

● impact of product structure.

● the cloth surface is not cleaned clean, with anions, salts, alkalis, etc.

● water quality: River water, recycled water, high hardness and many impurities.

● bath with fixing agent and softener (film, soft oil essence and silicone oil).

● high rolling groove temperature (high temperature caused by wet wiping on the cloth horse just shaped in front)

● the wool floc on the wool cloth falls into the rolling groove and then is brought into the cloth.


So what are the methods to improve wet rubbing fastness in the production process?

1. Do a good job in the pretreatment of grey cloth, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerization, etc. to improve the accessibility of fiber and the reactivity or physical adsorption of dyes.

2. Choose reactive dyes with medium directness, which is conducive to the fixation of dyes on fibers and will not cause too many floating colors.

3. Select wet rubbing fastness improver


Wet rubbing fastness agent jv-525 does not contain formaldehyde and APEO, which is an environmental protection product. It can greatly improve the effect of wet rubbing fastness. It can be increased by 1 ~ 1.5 levels to more than 3 levels.

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