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​What are the advantages and disadvantages of using degreaser?

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Degreaser is one of the most effective cleaning solutions that custodians can use in their cleaning arsenal. Although most cleaning solutions are designed to help loosen dirt, they can be wiped off, and degreasers are carefully designed to break down and dissolve grease, oil, wax and other water-insoluble dirt, thereby removing it from the surface.

Degreasing agents are most often used when cleaning commercial kitchens. Without high-quality degreasers, it would be very difficult to clean commercial kitchens today.

However, to take advantage of these powerful cleaning solutions means learning how to use them properly.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of degreaser:

(1) Definition of degreaser

(2) What are the precautions I should know when using degreaser?

(3) Simple degreaser science


(1) Definition of degreaser

This is the dark area between the cleaner and the degreaser. In the field of industrial and public cleaning, degreaser is simply defined as a chemical product that removes grease. However, some general cleaners may also remove some grease. The degreaser is part of the cleaning agent, so all degreasers are cleaning agents, but not all cleaning agents are degreasers.


(2) What are the precautions I should know when using degreaser? 

1. Know when to use degreaser: In many cases, universal cleaners can do a lot of work. Degreaser is used to remove heavily polluted areas and water-insoluble soil.

2.Never mix the degreaser with any other cleaning agents.

3. While some degreasing agents act quickly, it is best to let them "stay" on the surface for a few minutes to help dissolve the soil.

4. Wear protective clothing; gloves are a must. If you manually clean tiles and grout, you should wear goggles.

5. Choose green certified degreasing agents and pay more attention to protecting indoor air quality.

6. Some degreasing agents are available in multiple sizes to meet different needs. Ready-to-use (RTU) degreaser has special advantages. The water may be "hard" water or contain minerals, which can affect performance.

7. Some degreasers are used with automatic scrubbers to clean the floor. In winter, blue pads may be more effective than red pads.

8. If you want to wipe the floor, please use a double bucket cleaning system to help separate the flushing water from the cleaning solution. This will keep the cleaning solution clean. Use cold water when diluting the degreaser. This will help prevent foaming and ensure that the degreaser is properly diluted.


(3) Simple degreaser science

The cleaning chemicals are formulated as acidic, alkaline (alkaline) or neutral. These names depend on the pH (hydrogen ion concentration) level of the solution, which ranges from 0 to 14 (see figure below). A lower pH value indicates that the solution is more acidic, while a higher pH value indicates that the solution is more alkaline. Solutions that fall in the middle of around 7 are considered neutral.

Grease is an organic soil, which means it comes from a certain organism. It is best to use an alkaline solution to remove organic dirt, especially tough commercial kitchen dirt, because a higher pH can more easily break down the fats, oils and proteins normally found in the kitchen. The more "lumpy" the grease is, the heavier the load or the higher the alkaline cleaner you will need. In extreme cases, oven cleaners are highly alkaline because they need to remove lumpy carbonized soil.

Degreasing agents usually also contain other ingredients, such as petroleum-based solvents or natural solvents (such as citrus) to further help break down fats. There is a kind of degreaser formulated with citrus solvents. It can quickly remove a large amount of accumulation on grease and caked food dirt.


Commercial degreasers are expensive and usually contain chemicals that you may not want to use in the food preparation area. Therefore, you can also try to make a natural spray degreaser that can take advantage of the disinfecting properties of distilled white vinegar. The degreasing ability of soap and the detergency of baking soda. Mix these really annoying things and make your kitchen sparkle again from top to bottom. For details, please refer to related articles.

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