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【Popular Science】What are the common thickeners?

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Thickeners are chemicals that increase the viscosity of latex and liquids. So, do you know what common thickeners are? Thickeners can be divided into several categories. Please allow me to introduce them one by one: So do you know what common thickeners are? Are there any classifications for thickeners? Please let me introduce them one by one:


1. According to the positive ion characteristics of thickeners

Cationic thickeners include sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, alginic acid and starch.

Common organic thickeners include hydroxypropyl starch and propylene glycol sodium alginate, which are different from inorganic compound thickeners.

2. According to the source of thickener

Natural thickeners include pure natural thickeners, animal-derived thickeners, enzymatic thickeners, and microbial thickeners.

Generate thickeners: modified cellulose, modified starch, carrageenan and propylene glycol alginate, etc.


3. Classification according to the chemical structure and composition of thickeners

Nucleic acid thickeners: cellulose, starch, alginic acid, gum arabic, etc.;

Active polypeptide thickeners: casein, pectin, sodium caseinate, etc.

4. According to the relative molecular weight of thickeners


Low molecular structure thickeners include various types, such as fatty alcohols, carbonates, ethers, oleic acids, amine oxides, alkanol fluorobenzenes and lipid thickeners.

There are many types of thickeners for polymer materials, including cellulose thickeners, polyurethane thickeners, inorganic thickeners, natural rubber thickeners, polyacrylic acid thickeners, and polyoxyethylene thickeners. Thickeners, etc.

In general, thickeners can be classified according to different attributes: they can be divided into water-soluble thickeners and micronized thickeners according to their water solubility; they can be divided into natural thickeners and synthetic thickeners according to their source. Agent; according to the purpose of use, it can be divided into water-based thickeners, oil-based thickeners, acidic thickeners and alkaline thickeners.

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