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How to make degreaser in industry?

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Many industries use degreaser to clean machinery and parts in daily maintenance. If you use a large amount of degreaser, you may wonder how to make degreaser and whether it is worth the time to save extra money. There are several ways to make your own degreaser from products that may already be placed. How to make degreaser in industry?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of degreaser:

(1) What is degreaser?

(2) Application of degreaser

(3) How to use degreaser?


(1) What is degreaser?

Degreasing agents are basically cleaning agents, acting like solvents. They are chemicals that can dissolve water-insoluble substances on floors, household appliances, concrete, tools, and machinery. Examples of these water-insoluble substances are grease, oil, wax, lubricant, corrosion dust, paint, etc.

Degreasing agents have a wide range of uses. It can be used in various fields such as aviation, printing, navigation, vehicles, construction and metal manufacturing.


(2) Application of degreaser

Degreasing agents have a wide range of uses. It can be used in various fields such as aviation, printing, navigation, vehicles, construction and metal manufacturing.

Degreaser can also be used in kitchens, restaurants and other heavy cleaning services. Some degreasers, especially chlorine-based degreasers, can be used as disinfectants. According to its composition, there are different types of degreasing agents, including water-based, flammable, non-flammable, emulsified degreasing agents and so on. However, the most common degreasing agents are made from hydrocarbon solvents such as kerosene and xylene.

Before putting it into production, the manufacturer must first determine the type of ingredients to be used, and environmental regulations and safety measures should be considered. An important feature of a good degreaser is its ability to remove water-insoluble substances, and it can also decompose environmentally friendly substances. The most popular active ingredients in degreasing agents may include sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium metasilicate, sodium carbonate, ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA), etc. According to the choice of application, a sprayer can be purchased.


(3) How to use degreaser?

Different methods can be used for degreaser treatment. Depending on your choice, vinegar, sodium carbonate or ammonia solution can be used. When these ingredients are used alone, they will produce an excellent and effective degreasing agent, but the cleaning effect is better and more effective. The following are the various methods of producing degreasers for use in the kitchen:

The vinegar solution is used as a degreasing agent: vinegar with cleaning ability can be used to clean greasy or oily surfaces in the kitchen. After cooking, oil stains are most likely to appear on the surface after cooking. To prepare this type of degreaser, mix water and vinegar in a ratio of four to one. Let it sit for about six to eight minutes before applying the mixture (degreaser). After use, please clean and dry the surface thoroughly to reduce the odor of vinegar.

Uses of sodium carbonate: Sodium carbonate can also be used to produce degreasing agents. Sodium carbonate should be mixed with water in the ratio of 1 to 5 cups. Reducing the amount of water added will result in a denser and more effective solution. For cleaning, moisten the cleaning cloth with detergent (degreaser), and then wipe on the surface to be cleaned. After washing, the residue was removed with water.

Use of ammonia solution: To prepare ammonia-based degreasing agent, pour ammonia into a large bowl, up to half of the bowl. Fill it to the top with water. Mix the solution correctly and apply it to the surface with a cloth or spray bottle. Rinse the surface with water after application

It is recommended to use different combinations of ingredients to prepare your degreaser to help improve its cleaning ability.


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