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Textile Chemical Refining Agent Improve Pilling for Cotton

Appearance: dark blue viscous liquid
PH value (1% aqueous solution): 6.0-8.0
Ionic: anionic / nonionic
  • JV-101



Textile chemical Refining agent Improve pilling for cotton


It is suitable for low temperature bleaching of pure cotton or blended knitted fabric, woven fabric, loose fiber, towel cloth, bobbin yarn, twisted yarn, etc.


  • This product can activate hydrogen peroxide at 75~80°C for high efficiency bleaching. The treated fabric has high whiteness and good wettability.

  • The process conditions are mild and obviously improve the smoothness, crease, scratch, hair and strong damage of the fabric.

  • The weight loss of the fabric is small and the feel is soft.

  • The residual rate of hydrogen peroxide after bleaching is low, which can reduce the amount of deoxygenase in conventional process.

  • The steam consumption is reduced by more than 35%, which can shorten the processing time and improve the production efficiency and economic benefit.

  • Low foam, can be directly used in automatic suction system, no contamination to the equipment, easy to clean, easy to use.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint during bleaching.

No phosphorus, APEO and organic halides, no substances of high concern REACH regulations,

meet OEKO-TEX®Standard100 standards.


a mixture of laccase mimics and environmentally friendly surfactants.


Appearance: dark blue viscous liquid 

PH value (1% aqueous solution): 6.0-8.0 

Ionic: anionic / nonionic
Soluble in water

Environmental protection: no APEO / AOX and other prohibited ingredients


(1) Low temperature scouring and bleaching process of pure cotton knitted fabric, towel cloth

and loose fiber

Recommended process

Refining agent JV-101

0.8~1.2 g/L


6~10 g/L


1~2 g/L

Chelating stabilizer *

0~0.5 g/L

Bath ratio


*If soft water is used, there is no need to add chelating stabilizer.

2)Low temperature scouring and bleaching process of Pure Cotton Cheese

Recommended process

Refining agent JV-101

1.0~1.5 g/L


8~10 g/L


1.5~2 g/L


1.0~1.5 g/L

Bath ratio


SA It is a special penetrating stabilizer for refining agent jv-101。

(3)Low temperature bleaching of cotton woven fabric

Recommended process

Refining agent JV-101

2.5~4.0 g/L


30~50 g/L


3.0~5.0 g/L


3.0~5.0 g/L

Steam temperature and time

80 °C×30~60min

SA is a special penetrating stabilizer for refining agent jv-101

technological process:
Grey cloth → hot water washing → rolling water (75% rolling residue) → dip rolling desizing solution (100% rolling residual) → steaming (80 °C× 40min) → hot water washing → cold water washing → rolling water (75% rolling residual) → rolling bleaching liquid (100% rolling residue) → steaming (80 °C× 40 min) → hot water washing → cold water washing → neutralization → cold water washing → drying → testing


The feeding sequence should be in accordance with the instruction sequence: first add caustic soda, then add refining agent jv-101, and finally add hydrogen peroxide.
Laboratory samples and workshop production should follow: add materials within the range of room temperature to 40 °C, then raise the temperature to 80 °C at the heating rate of 2 ~ 3 °C / min, keep the temperature for 30 ~ 60 min, and rinse with hot water above 80 °C after heat preservation.

When the conventional 98 °C oxygen bleaching process is changed to low temperature oxygen bleaching process, the dosage of H2O2 and NaOH can not be changed, but the dosage of H2O2 should not be less than 6 g / L. In principle, when using the 101 low temperature process, it is suggested to increase 2-3 g / L of H2O2 on the basis of the original 98 °C oxygen bleaching process to ensure the same whiteness and gross efficiency.

For the low temperature oxygen bleaching process of cheese, it is suggested to add softener and hydrogen peroxide stabilizer into scouring and bleaching solution.


125 kg plastic barrel, room temperature storage, avoid direct sunlight, room temperature sealed container can be stable for 24 months, this product is sensitive to low temperature below 0 °C and high temperature above 40 °C.

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