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Daily Chemical Efficient Thickening Agent for Shampoo JV380

Model: JV-380
Appearance: yellow transparent liquid 
PH value: 6-8 
Ionic: cation
  • JV-380



I. Product profile

This product is a complex of many surfactants, which has excellent thickening effect in strong acid system, and is widely used in household cleaning and industrial cleaning. When preparing toilet cleaning essence, rust remover and other products, the jv-380 can be used to become viscous fluid, improve the adhesion effect of cleaner on the surface of smooth sanitary ware, and stay on the vertical surface with dirt for a long time, and achieve good cleaning effect, and avoid the injury caused by acid splashing.


II. Technical indicators

Appearance: yellow transparent liquid

PH value: 6-8

Ionic: cation

Thickening viscosity (25 ℃, 2.0% in5% HCl): greater than 300cp

Stability: stable in the range of temperature used


III. Main Performance

1. in the strong acid system, it has excellent viscosity enhancement effect, and improves the wall hanging and spreading property.

2. In the strong acid system, it is stable after thickening and will not appear the phenomenon of storage thinning.

3. It has the function of corrosion inhibition, greatly reducing the corrosion caused by acid cleaning..  



IV. Application Methods

For thickening in strong acid system, it can be widely used in household cleaning and industrial cleaning, such as preparation of toilet cleaner and rust remover containing hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid or other acids.


Reference formula:


HCl (industrial hydrochloric acid 31%: 10 ~ 30%

Pigment (acid resistant): moderate amount

Water: to 100

Operation method: first prepare the pigment into 1% aqueous solution, add the measured water into the mixing pot, start the mixer, add the appropriate amount of pigment aqueous solution, then slowly add jv-380, keep stirring for 5 minutes, then add hydrochloric acid, stir and dissolve transparent.



V. Points for attention

180kg / barrel (or according to customer's needs), sealed storage at room temperature, shelf life of one year.


1. Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are a large scale textile chemical auxiliaries manufacturer.


2. What’s your lead time?

Generally it will be takes 2-5 working days. It depends on the order quantity.


3. How does your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is priority.The product quality is controlled strictly in every steps by QC department.


4. I am a small wholesaler, do you accept a small order?

It’s no problem if you are a small wholesaler, we would like to grow up with you together.


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