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Nonionic Fluffy Degreaser for Polyester Cotton JV-208

Appearance: light yellow to yellow transparent liquid
Ionic: nonionic
PH value: 7-8
Solubility: soluble in water
  • JV-208


Nonionic fluffy degreaser for polyester cotton JV-208

 I.Product introduction

This product is a combination of environmentally-friendly and powerful emulsifiers for various types of fabrics that are attached to chemical fiber and cotton.

Oil stains and spandex oil have special effects.


 II. Main ingredients

a combination of various surfactants


 III. Technical indicators

Appearance: light yellow to yellow transparent liquid

Ionic: nonionic

PH value: 7-8

Stability: resistance to weak acids, alkalis, electrolytes and hard water

Solubility: soluble in water


IV.Main performance

1. It has special effects on various oil stains and spandex oil adhered to chemical fiber and cotton fabrics;

2, and the oil agent for sizing has excellent emulsification, dispersion, dissolution, low foaming effect, can make the oil stain stably dispersed and emulsified in water, avoiding the backing on the cloth surface when draining, in the foundation of the original degreaser The problem of emulsification, dispersion and back-dipping is obviously solved.



Dosage: removal of slurry and oil: 1-3g/L

Oil stain stubborn stain: 3-6g/L

Soda ash: 1-2g/L

Process: Temperature: 95-98 ° C

Bath ratio: 1:5-15


VI.Packaging and storage

125kg/plastic drum is sealed at room temperature and has a shelf life of 6 months.

1. There are many kinds of products, how should I choose? 

Due to the types of fabrics, use scenarios, applicable groups, and different national standards, there will be products with similar performance to choose from.You only need to inform our customer service staff of your requirements and we will recommend the most suitable products to you.


2. After the sample passes the test, will the bulk also pass?

Since the sample is extracted from the mass cargo, the quality of the mass cargo and the sample can be guaranteed to be the same. As long as the fabric, proportion, drying temperature and mass cargo are the same when you make the sample, the effect will not be different.


3.Why choose us?

More than 50 reaction kettles and perfect sewage treatment system, all products comply

with environmental standards.

Competitive price with good quality.

Strong R&D capability and inspection labs.

OEM warmly welcome.


4.What is your production capacity?

Now we have developed our manufacturing capacity to 5000MT per month.


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