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Non Yellowing Silicone Oil JV-222

  • JV-222
Product Description


This product is made of high purity silicone monomer and surfactant by emulsion polymerization. It has the characteristics of small emulsion particles, uniform dispersion, high molecular weight and good stability. Can be used as fabric finishing agent, polyester thread lubricant, rubber mold release agent. With heat-resistant, smooth, soft, fluffy, full feel, good elasticity, anti-wrinkle and wear-resistant properties. In line making, textile, printing and dyeing and leather, rubber and other industries have been more widely used.

This product can be used in the same bath with resin and whitening agent. The compatibility with all kinds of additives is better


Appearance milky white liquid, no mechanical impurities
PH value 6-8
Content: 30% ± 3%
The stability is 3000n / min, and there is no delamination at 15min Ionic nonionic

Functional epoxy


1. It is used for the finishing of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, synthetic fiber and their fabrics. The finished fabric has soft, smooth, elastic, wear-resistant, washable and heat-resistant.
2. It is used for the processing of various kinds of thread (especially high-speed sewing thread) in the sewing industry to make it smooth, enhance the strength and toughness of the thread, prevent breaking and improve the sewing speed.

3. For the treatment of wigs and similar products, it can make them soft, bright and smooth, and improve the carding effect.
4. The results showed that the index of curve grinding increased and wrinkle resistance was improved. 5. As an isolating agent, it can protect leather surface and prevent sticking.

6. It can resist yellowing.
7. Influence on colorless fastness of dyed and dyed fabrics.
8. It can be used for shrink proof finishing of woolen sweater, and the index can reach the super washing and shrink proof index specified by the international wool Bureau.
9. Water based release agent for rubber and plastic products.
10. For pulp softening finishing.


For softening or surface treatment, it is usually used alone or in combination to form a solution with solid content of 1-5%. For mold release agent, it is usually diluted to 3-6%. Other applications should follow this reference


1. Yin and Yang emulsion can not be mixed, and compatibility with other materials should pay attention to compatibility.
2. The validity period is 12 months. If the storage period exceeds the storage period, it can be rechecked according to the items specified in the standard. If it meets the quality requirements, it can still be used. Packing: the product is packed in closed polyethylene plastic bucket, net weight is 125kg / barrel, and it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and the temperature should be 0-35 °C.

The product should be protected from rain and sunlight during transportation. It should be stored and transported as non-toxic and non dangerous goods。

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