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Non Formaldehyde Fixing Agent for Dark Blue Cloth

Appearance: brown yellow transparent viscous liquid
Ionic type: cation
PH value: 3-4
Solubility: soluble in water
  • JV-601
Product Description

Highly concentrated formaldehyde free fixing agent jv-601 (3 times concentrated)

non formaldehyde fixing agent for Dark blue cloth

1、 Main performance

This product does not contain free formaldehyde, no special smell, no irritation, contact with the skin will not produce dermatitis, in addition to separate treatment fixation process, can also be used with non-ionic, cationic finishing agent in the same bath, can significantly improve the phenomenon of poor wet fastness after printing and dyeing, and can improve the wet ironing fastness and perspiration fastness.

The formaldehyde free fixing agent jv-601 has excellent fixing effect especially for bright red, royal blue and dark black. It has little discoloration to the original sample, keeps the brightness of the original color, and does not affect the handle.

2、 Technical index

PH value: 3-4

Appearance: brown yellow transparent viscous liquid

Solubility: soluble in water

Ionic type: cation

3、 Purpose

Used for printing with direct dyes, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes and fixing after dyeing.

Dilute the product with water at a ratio of 1:2 to form a common formaldehyde free fixing agent (1 part to 3 parts).The amount used varies with dyes, fibers and the requirements for fastness.

1.Impregnation method:

The dosage of dark color is o.w.f 1-2%, the dosage of middle color is o.w.f 0.5-1%, and the dosage of light color is o.w.f 0.5%

Bath ratio: 1:10

50--60After soaking for 30 min, dehydrate and dry.

2. dip rolling

The amount of medium dark color cloth is 10-30g / L, and that of light color cloth is 8-10g / L

Dip rolling drying stretching finishing at room temperature.

4、 Packaging and storage

Non dangerous goods, packed in plastic bucket 125kg, stored in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and sun exposure, storage period of one year.

1. Can I get some samples?
     Yes, we can supply the free sample, you need bear the freight charge only.


2. How to pay?
    PI will be sent first after confirmation of order,enclosed our bank information.Payment  by  Paypal , T/T, Western Union LC


3. How’s the product delivery lead time?

Generally,ETD in 2 to 3 weeks if the product in stock. Others will be based on production schedule.

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