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Fabric Whitening Softener Flakes for Cotton JV-80F

Appearance: pale yellow flakes.
PH value: 5-7at 6-10% solution.
Ionic character: nonionic
  • JV-80F


Nonionic Flakes softener for yarn and sweater JV-80F

1、 Product introduction

80F is An effective softener for all kinds of fabrics, especially for bleaching yarn, cock , sweater and knitwear.


2、 Main components

 aliphatic acid and aliphatic alcohol

3、Tehnical indicators

Appearance: pale yellow flakes.

PH value: 5-7at 6-10% solution.

Ionic character: nonionic.

Dilution Method

Pour the flakes solely into room temperature water in proportion of 5-8%, stir and heat to 80-85℃ until the flakes melt and become a paste(this usually takes 15-30 minutes).

4、 Main performance

1)After being treated by 80F, the fabrics will get a softer, smoother and more elastic hand feels.

2)Without any affecting effect on the whiteness of the treated fabrics.

3)Good hydrophilic.

4)Salt and alkali resistance.

5、 Application method

Padding process: 2-3g/l, exhaust and pad at 30-40℃

Dipping process: 0.3-0.8%(o .w .f), bath ratio 1:10-15 minutes at 40-50℃

6、 Packaging and storage

The shelf life is 1 year when store in a cool, dry and dark room.

25 KG in nylon woven bag

1. Do you have other manufacture plant?

Yes, we have four factories in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Qingyuan and Yunfu. It mainly produces fine chemicals, textile auxiliaries, daily chemical raw materials and daily chemical products.


2. What’ your delivery time?

Usually shipment will be made within 7-15days against confirmed order.


3. How about the validity of the offer?

Usually our offer is valid for 1 week. However,validity might vary between different products.

4. What documents you provide?

Usually,we provide Commercial Invoice,Packing List,Bill of loading,COA,Health certificate and origin of certificate,Please let us know if you need additional documents.


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