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Cationic Fluorine Free Water Repellent for Cotton JV-006

Appearance: milky liquid
Composition: special polymer
Ionicity: weak cation
PH: about 2.5-4.0 (stock solution)
  • JV-006


cationic Fluorine free Water Repellent for cotton JV-006



   JV-006 is a fluorine-free water repellent prepared by special technology without using fluorine. With appropriate solubility and washing synergist, the fabric can be endowed with excellent durable water repellent effect, without the safety doubt derived from PFOA and PFOS. The working fluid has high stability and good processing continuityof additives is better



Appearance: milky liquid

Composition: special polymer

Ionicity: weak cation

PH: about 2.5-4.0 (stock solution)

Solid content: about 27%



1. It can improve the problem that the non fluorinated water repellent is not good at the initial stage, and give the fabric excellent durable water repellent effect

2. No use of fluorine resin, use of environmental protection raw materials, no PFOA, PFOS related problems

3. For the early stage of water after coating processing, has good water, durability and excellent peel strength.

4. The color change of cloth sample is small, the stability of working fluid is good, and the operation problems are few.



Recommended formula: it is recommended to use according to the type, organization, gram weight and mechanical equipment

20-100g / L. and treated with crosslinking agent.

*In order to maintain the effect and stability of water, it is necessary to strengthen the washing of the processed cloth 1-2 times before water.

(such as levelling agent, fixing agent, alkali residue, etc.)

JV-006: 20~100g/L

Crosslinker 321: 10-20g / L

PH: processing fluid adjustment 5.0 ~ 6.0 (citric acid or malic acid adjustment)

Condition A: one dip one rolling → drying & heat setting (150 ~ 180 ℃ × 1 ~ 3min)

Condition B: one soaking and one rolling → drying (110 ℃× 1 ~ 2min) → heat setting (140 ~ 170 ℃× 1 ~ 2min)

Adjust the drying and heat setting time according to the type, shape and gram weight of the treated material



1. Please store in a cool place to prevent qualitative change of this product. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

2. Please close the end of the opened product when it is not in use.

3. Please confirm the compatibility of the product before use and mix the product evenly.

Processing points: generally, it has good compatibility with the chemicals used in the finishing process, but the direct mixing of the original solution should be avoided when mixing the solution.

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